Heroes and Zeros

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Filbert Fox, Apr 10, 2007.

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  2. Bloody right.... RIP ... What a credit they were to the Armed Forces...unlike the RN divvies.

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    Contribute or please leave alone, you are in danger of an O2 theif tag

    I imagine you are clueless about conduct after capture, so please spare us your input on such matters.
  3. I don't think anyone should critiscise the RN & RM guys until they have been in the same situation, that way they can compare their own minerals under pressure.

    Me...... at the threat of not seeing my nipper again and seeing how the Iranians tend to deal with things, I would have been swearing allegiance to Allah, Bhudda and Mohamad Al Fayed in the same circumstances.
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    Contribute or please leave alone, you are in danger of an O2 theif tag
  5. Please tell us which one then we can avoid it.
  6. Oh yes,the RN didnt go down swinging, or spat in the iranian camera, i mean thats how everyone would have done it,if they had been captured now,wouldnt they :roll:
  7. my point is that the zeros were straight out and selling their stories of being fed, clothed and filmed playing chess and table tennis, followed by being short toured, what do those who were killed or their families get?
  8. Shut up they lost their credit at the thought of selling their story to make money.. why should they make money when there are more deserving cases out there that are indeed worthy of the money...

    I do not know what I would have done if I had been captured ... I do not know as I do not choose to put myself at risk as a living.... .. I am sure they must get training on what to do and in the old days that is exactly what captives would have done...
  9. The Iranians asked her "when did you last see your daughter" and she said "13 days ago, I'm in captivity remember?" (or words to that effect). I take it there is a creche on board then?

    There's looking after number 1 and there's cracking on like you're at a Platoon Smoker (er...not a Turney joke) with fags, kebabs and table-tennis. Surprised they didn't lay on a succession of skits, with Imadinnerjacket played by young Batchelor with a little Kiwi polish goatee. Hooray for the brave NCOs, providing such solid leadership and reinforcing the ethos that made us the great country we are today. Bish bosh.
  10. Betty, I'm a sociable sort of chap, almost always with a kind word for the ladies.

    However, in your case, you know nothing of what you speak, so please be kind enough to fcuk off and die in a corner somewhere.

    I, and others like me, haven't forgotten you came to ARRSE in search of your ex-hubby's pension. You're now presumably looking for some other poor soul to leech from, which is why you are still here. The faster you die and your kids are taken in to care, the better for all concerned.
  11. Yes with the MODs permission..... in the same circumstances I would do the same, I'd do most things for money.

    Maybe wrong to compare the tragic deaths of 4 youngs soldiers to the homecoming of the RN coningent.

    How would we have reacted if they would have had their TV interviews and then been exectuted?
  12. Dont blame them for selling their stories,blame the media who know that their circulation will increase because people will buy the rubbish. I bet it went up, just like all who turned on to watch fayes story increased itvs ratings

    The fact is that whilst in captivity they didnt know what was going to happen, methinks some on here would have preferred them to have been shot.
  13. They get arrested for alllegedly straying into another countries territorial water, get filmed having loads of scoff and playing games, get given a tracksuit and trendy suit plus a goody bag each and then flog stories of allegedly being given a rough time!
    What about the troops who have fought the enemy on the ground? Those are the stories that should be in the news, not some chain smoking trout and pawn of the Iranian govt bigging herself up.

  14. How did you react when you were held against your will in Iran?
  15. Agree but what has that got to do with the RN girl