Hero gurkha has his medals stolen

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pandaplodder, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. [h=3]A GURKHA war hero, who spent a year by the Queen’s side, is pleading for his medals back after his house was ransacked.[/h]
    Burglars broke into Captain Umesh Kumar Pun’s house a week ago.
    They stole his family’s jewellery worth an estimated £17,000 and five medals he earned through 32 years of service.

    The most important was a medal given to him by the Queen after he became one of only two Gurkhas to serve her personally at Buckingham Palace in 2006.

    Umesh, 50, who has lived in Colchester, Essex, with his wife Rupmaya and three children for 12 years, said: “I was honoured. For any Gurkha this is the dream. “She was so nice and would always turn around and say thank you. “I am so proud to have served the Queen and the country.”

    Umesh served with distinction, winning medals for long service and good conduct and for tours in Bosnia, Sierra Leone and three in Afghanistan.

    Burglars forced their way into his home through the patio doors on Monday, May 21 between 11.50am and 1.30pm and stole jewellery and his medals.

    He said: “The medals are my life, my blood and sweat. Nobody should get away with taking them.”
    All the medals are engraved with his name and service number.

    Anyone who has any information about the burglary, who witnesses anything suspicious or has been offered the distinctive medals for sale should call detectives at Colchester police station on 101.

    Hero gurkha has his medals stolen | The Sun |News
  2. Let's hope his medals are returned to him, I really hope they are. But have a feeling they wont be. And his family's jewels.

    What is te medal awarded for service as QGOO? Is it a Gurkha specific medal, or one for all military aides to Royals?

    Also, he isn't one of only two Gurkhas. It isn't quite clear in the piece, two are picked each year, and have been seen Queen Victoria's reign in about hte 1870.
  3. Thats what was said, two Gurkhas in 2006, not just two Gurkhas.
  4. [​IMG]

    Six medals, if I'm not mistaken.
  5. I felt it could do with tightening up. It could also read he was one of two Gurkhas to serve the Queen and his service was in 2006.

    Is he wearing a RSignals capbadge in the phot? Not QGS.
  6. What is te medal awarded for service as QGOO? Is it a Gurkha specific medal, or one for all military aides to Royals?

    CF, The medal is the Royal victorian order medal, one of the few medals that is bestowed directly by the queen and has no MP's involvement in it. The fact that it is silver would denounce that it he is a member of the order, the cross because he is an officer, a junior rank so to speak would get an circlular, but same ribbon. So to answer your question, yes he would of got this as QGOO.

    like everyone else says, i hope he gets them back aswell
  7. Cheers DS, just wikied it.
  8. The sentance is ambiguous. Take it to an English teacher, and ask them. Freak.
  9. These thieves are scum, they steal anything and i can only hope a medal collector if offered them will inform the police. At least they caught the twat who stole the plaque in Warrington.
  10. Dont bite CF hes one of those cut and pasters, hes been reported.
  11. Why is he wearing a signals cap badge and not a Queens Gurkha Signals one?
  12. The pond life that stole the medals (probably looking to feed their habit) would have no idea what the medals were, or their value - and I don't mean £ note value. They probably don't even realise they're engraved, thick cnuts.
  13. Hope he gets his medals back. Also hope the burglar dies very soon.
  14. i asked that a while back... I'll assume that he has 'transferred' to DE and thus capbadge. There are no DE slots in teh QGS.
  15. I can assure the posters who are confused by his Signals capbadge, this is because he is ex RGR nd now a serving in the TA with the Signals!

    Also it is the Royal victorian order medal