Hero frees crash girl... and police arrest him

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chef, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. I've just read this in the Express(so it must be true) My IT skills aren't up to posting it, but the synopsis is; man runs across three lanes of the M67 near Hyde to help at traffic accident pulls out young girl from burning car, with hi vis jacket directs traffic and clears path for emergency services.

    So far so good, gives statment to the police and tries to return to his own wagon. The police say if he does he'll be charged with jay walking with the quote''You' wait here as long as it takes, whether it.s five minutes or two hours'', The bloke makes to go anyway and is batoned cuffed and threatened with CS.

    Areested for obstruction at the station the duty inspector says''You should have been given a commendation for outstanding bravery. The way you've been treated is appalling and disgusting and I'm ashamed to have that police officer on the force at GMP'' The point is for me is that although there is no profit in''Police have average day'' headlines, the ratio of police make foul up to police save the day does seem to be rather bad. Any comments?
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    Only too happy to oblige:
  3. D*ckheads.

    Bring back the old desk sergeants who kept these young mongrels in line.
  4. :? Evening All, there are plods and dick plods,dont be suprised if you get a ********* plod some time :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. Another man whose family and friends who will now no doubt never trust, help or deal with the ‘police’ again

    keep up the good work you plod w*ankers
  6. Had a similar incident when driving to work. Bloke in transit had managed to hammer into the side of an 40 footer and had then been rammed from behind by another truck AND then the poor bastard had been clipped by some dozy tart in a saxo. I as first on the scene so legged it over to check him out, made good over there (he was half buried under his loose tool that had flown out the back of the van) and then got a high vis from my van and started directing traffic off the duel carriageway as I could see the ambulance was stuck. 45 minutes later the police turn up and lay into me for a good 20 mins about how I'd overstepped the mark and should have waited on the side of the road for them to turn up etc etc, then the fu(kers started checking over my van and looking at the tires etc
  7. Quite.

    Whilst there a number of civplod of my military acquaintance for whom risking my life would be an honour, as an organisation I am not sure I would now pi55 on it if it were on fire.
  8. Wot you said.
  9. One would like to think the plods recieved "word of advice" from their shift sergeant.
  10. A P45 would be better.
  11. Hopefully there may some video footage so as the officers can be assisted in their 'training' or at least someones version of events being confirmed.
  12. I think the police are never wrong what a great bunch of people!
  13. Shouldn't be too long before the apologists and the H&S Nazis are on justifying the action.

    Whay a fcuking disgrace - and they wonder why no one gives a sh1t about them :twisted:
  14. You have got to be kidding me... for what this man did, the fricking police officer should have stopped traffic so that he could return to his vehicle safely!
  15. Here, here Khyros