"Hero" female police officer

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bossdog, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. Unlucky robber, shot by a bint who can't even aim at him properly!
  2. Good drills, I'd like to see most soldiers do that.
  3. She made the guys look like tw*ts. A brave lady.
  4. She used her rolling police car as a mobile blockade - that's good drills.
  5. if that was her shooting her own windscreen, it was one hell of a slow bullet.
  6. She is a brave lady, but my word what a cake and arse party, seems to have left the car inadvertenly still going forward, takes cover using the cabin, which is glass windows of the non bullet proof variety and then seems to have to chamber each round manually... but as the vidoe shows, though under pressure and in a flap she did her job, shot the bad guy and survived unharmed!! She deserves a few beers that night and should thank her lucky stars! Well done her, very brave; but who the hell taught her how to shoot though? they need a kick in the arrse
  7. lol good drills, even if accidental! :D
  8. Gutsy , gutsy gutsy and fast thinking under pressure, I don't think she chambered each round, she gets a stoppage on the 92? and she cleared the stoppage whilst still keeping eyes on the target and using her cruiser as cover.

    So to review , whilst the brave male cops went hiding behind the dumpster, she jumps in and gives chase, gets opened up on by the perp at the Junction ,stops, makes a lightning decision to use the cruiser as a mobile blockade, jumps out leaving it in Drive+low , gets round the front, and jockeys for position to keep the target in sight , and clear her firing arc of civilian traffic. She gets a stoppage or needs a mag change does that and re-engages the target. She absolutely hesitates before opening fire on some occasions because she doesn't have a clear shot. At all times, she demonstrates situational awareness , checking her quarters. She absolutely suckered the perp into going fangs out after her, and she drops him.

    Superb skills, I hope she got high commendation for that.
  9. Looks more like she was lucky to me, hope she got billed for that windscreen, silly bint.

    And I think the 'moving cover' of her car was down to the fact that she couldn't get out of there fast enough and she forgot to put the handbrake on.
  10. Someone's sniffing round for a shag me thinks.....
  11. I agree. I reckon the shot into the windscreen came from behind, through a side or rear window. She was using the screen pillars etc as cover and laminated screens aren't that bad a cover against a pistol round (better than nothing anyway!)
  12. The round hitting the glass wasn't hers.
  13. I get the feeling that the whole thing was a set-up. Anyone have a link to newspaper etc reports that refer to this incident?