Hero at McDonalds

Andy_S said:
Good entry, but rather sad that a chap who risked his life for the US, felt compelled to abandon his own country and is bilingual in two languages ends up serving nosebags of fries.
There I was thinking that bilingual meant two languages :roll:
He should feel lucky he was working for the Merkins... if he was with the UK forces he'd probably have not been given a visa.
Andy_S said:

Fair comment! Which is to say, your comment is not unfair.
Survives tours of Telic working alongside troops in the day then going home at night then ends up pushing out Happy Meals for fat yank kids?

Its good that he got a visa (whereas over here he'd have been fecked off because he is useful) but fcuk me his life has just gone from sh1t to sh1tter in my opinion.

I'd rather take my chances as an interrupter.

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