Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by R3me_Kid, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. I think i kinda over did it with the situps, as now i defanatly cannot do situps, but it limits my movement to sitting in my computer chair its very painful and jus needing some advice on it....
  2. Is there a protusion / soft lump near the groin area or lower abdomen (most obvious sign)? If so seek medical attention as it probably is a hernia. If not, it may just be a muscle / connective tissue strain. See if the problem improves over 48-72 hours, if not, see a physio or medical staff.
  3. See a GP then physio if referred. If there is a hernia then its under the knife you go.

    GP will be able to give you the best advice not a website.
  4. May I recommend a Doctor?

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  5. Under the knife :O
  6. hi dr nick :D
  7. hopefully you may have just strained a muscle or two.
    having said that you've probably fcuked yaself up aint ya?
  8. actually its not so bad now...the swelling has gone
  9. paronoia-itis me-thinks
  10. Also known as hypochondria.... :p
  11. shame that, could have 2 weeks sick leave following your hernia op
  12. fuckin queer
  13. Gooseman: did you know that running with scissors is dangerous?

    If that question has already been asked, sod off is an acceptable reply.
  14. Yes, that's why I'm doing it. Livin' on the edge loggie, livin' on the edge. Oh and by the way, nobody has asked me that yet. :D