Hermione Lestrange

Anyone else seen the final Harry Potter film?

Something about Hermione (aka Emma Watson) out of her own clothes and dressed as Bellatrix Lestrange.

Oh, nearly forgot... plot spoiler.


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Are you getting a little confused? This apparently is Bellatrix Lestrange aka Helena Bonham Carter

This is Ms Watson

No, oh higgernerent one - in the fiilm she has been 'transformed' into Helena B-C, and turns back into Emma Watson, but in the H B-C outfit for a while. I'lkl try to find a pic, purely for the public interest of course.


In that case I offer my humble apology.Also I've never seen any of the films.
Mind you a reasonable excuse for a piccie of Ms Watson.
A. Get a life you sad cnuts.

B. Yes, both of them. Repeatedly.
Two's up on both, please.
As a few others have called the two birds, and im not into sloppy thirds, ill take the midget in the background on the left.

His pointy ears do it for me

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