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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by scuba_frog, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. For Xmas, like many people here, we have bought most of our stuf onl-line, for our 10 year old daughter we bought a Nintendo Wii from a reputable mail order company and, like all on-line suupliers, they use courier companies.

    The company we had the misfortune to be saddled with was Hermes and, as they say, hinssight is a wonderful thing. Dozens of Google pages devoted to this thieving band of pikey fcukers, a company where part of the pay package is any bright shiny electrical item the courier can stick in the back of his calpped out Mini Metro.

    The item was logged as being recevied by the courier (an individual working a local postcode territory) on the 10th of this month. After over two hours on the phone, 10 minutes of it talking and the rest listening to fcuking Grennsleeves, it transpires that the item has been 'lost....' When I said to the girl that these guys only seem to lose bright and shiny electrical goods and had I ordered a whalebone corset for my octogenarian granny I doubt it would have been 'lost in transit', she actually challenged me to make it clear what I was saying. When I then informed her that her couriers would steal the wallets from dying road trafic victims and dig up graves for gold teeth, the bitch hung up.

    It seems that the organsiation of the company is desgined to perpetuate theft on a massive scale. Couriers are self emplyed and have no contact with the offcie other than a field manager who is theri only point of contact with the company. Digging deeper, it seems that a courier wo0rking 6 days a week, filling his own car with petrol etc is lucky to take home a hundred a week and so a couple of Nintendos at Xmas must be part and parcel of the renumeration package.

    A google search for the company reveals reams, reams and reams of similar tales and I think it is maybe time action was taken through the courts. Management distancing themsleves from clients by way of a seemingly inpenetratable network of self employed field agents, agents to whom a delivery referecne number is as much use in making a complaint as it would be ordering a takeaway from your local Chineese is, I think, totally unacceptable.

    The upshot is that our ten year old now has no main Xmas presernt for Xmas day- that cnut stole a ten year old's Xmas present for which I hope he contracts an Ebola style heamoragic fever which he then passes on to every living member of his family. To me, it's as low as it comes.

    Have any other Arrsers here had a similar experience with Hermes? Afer interminable hours on the phone (so long that the battery ran out and I had to use a neighbours) I have finally, FINALLY been given the name of theri CEO, a woman who I will be issuing County Court papers on in the new year. I know we don't do American style class actions in this country however I think a dossier of similar situation stories might well help.

    I'm not legally minded, I'm not loaded however I don't appreciate people stealing from my ten year old daughter. Help, advice, criticsim, all appreciated as I could happily devote the rest of my days to pursuing these pikey cnuts.

    Apologies for spelling - the Xmas drinks have been raided today. Still, on the bright side, at least my Mrs hasn't realised that for all my recent climaxes I've been imagining Reni buried deep in my colon......
  2. From another forum mate, obviously replace grattan with your mail order company;

    You're Grattan's customer. Grattan are the courier's customer. You don't need any contact with the courier other than to sign for the goods and accept them.

    The responsibility is for Grattan to get the good to you, and to chase up the courier if the goods don't get delivered.
  3. I was hoping, as this is a military forum, to organise some form of team. Maybe even one with a black guy who's scared of flying......
  4. wotcha honey :)

    Very helpful mongoose, I will be sure to add you to my xmas card list.. maybe hermes will start a letter delivery service too :D
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  9. I work in the logistics business for my sins, moving freight around the world.

    If they have lost your shipment, you need to make a claim against them, every company like this has insurance to cover this, and you will get a full refund or a new shipment sent to you asap.

    Get on to them and complain, and complain and complain, you will see some result, although at first they may try to fob you off.
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  14. .

    It would seem that you have been directed down the path of irrelevance by the use of smoke and mirrors.

    The contractual relationship and any remedies exercisable therefrom exist between you and the mail order company. There exists no legal relationship between you and the courier company who remain the agents of their principal (the mail order company). If an agent acts outside the scope of his actual or obstensible authority, (such as losing or stealing the goods he is entrusted by his principal with delivering) he remains liable to his principal. The mail order company remain liable for breach of contract to their customer for non-delivery.