Hermann Goering

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by boris7, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. Well affairs don't get much more current than that!
  2. What news of the Colonies?
  3. The Arabs are revolting!
  4. he,he,he, :)
  5. THey have always been revolting, something to do with the food
  6. Last I heard of Goring was he was in the frame to become CO of Jagdgeschwader Richthofen.......has some thing happened since ??
  7. Apparently he's really pissed off with his brother who keeps helping Jews to evade capture and escape the Nazi's.

    Albert Goering, the good brother
  8. Met the goon in 1917, he was a perfume wearing ponce then. How the hell he got to his current position is beyond me. Just goes to show it`s not what you know, it`s who you know these days.=|

    posted in 1938 using two baked bean tins and a piece of string..
  9. Thought for am moment that Tropper was back again :)
  10. Apparently he is intrested in getting a cross posting to the RAF, He likes the principle of not working weekends and downing tools every time there is so much as a wee bit of drizzle and beside they Uniforms are so so sweet.

    Beats 'hanging' around prisons in Nuremburg some of the Brufen Tablets look a bit iffy. ( FROM A GOOD SOURCE)