Herman Van Rompuy: 'Euroscepticism leads to war'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biped, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    He's a bright bloke is that Herman!

    Actually Herman, it's a load of bowlarks, that opinion. The biggest threat to the EU is indeed a violent assault, but only due to the endemic corruption of the EU and Brussel, the lies told by the EU and the complete subversion of the nation states against the will of the people who reside in them.

    Tito managed to force together various unwilling nationalities for a few years, as did various other leaders who thought that enforced unity of disparate peoples was a cool thing that would lead to peace and harmony.

    The risk of the destruction of the EU, and the potential for massive casualties amongst the people of Europe in the tearing down of this enforced institution is down to the behaviour and actions of the 'state' of the EU. The majority of the people of Europe don't want it, the vast majority of the people of Europe are disgusted by the lies and corruption of those who run the system, as are they also disgusted by the ever-rising costs of this white elephant with its demands for ever more money when hundreds of millions of the people in various countries are having their governments embark on huge cost cutting exercises. A huge majority feel that the imposition of laws through EU diktat is an abuse of their own democratic systems, and a complete subversion of their parliaments.

    Want to see death and destruction and wanton violence that starts in Brussels? Keep on the course you've set the EU Rompouy. Don't worry about getting the EU accounts passed. Don't worry about member state democracies. Ignore the will of the people of Europe. Ignore their referendums. Tell them they are stupid when they so 'No' and feel free to demand another vote.
  2. My bold above.

    I cannot argue with a single word posted by 'Biped'.

    It is only the apathy of populations, allied with self-serving and supine politicians, that have permitted this monster to emerge.

    For this island nation, a nation whose blood has been spilt in Europe twice during the last century, to be governed as we surely are, by an unelected, unaccountable, faceless, undemocratic, dishonest, corrupt and criminal elite of apparatchiks is a disgrace.

    British and Allied blood was spilt defending democracy and confronting dictatorship and now, thanks to our useless and gutless politicians, we are at the mercy of an undemocratic dictatorship.

    Stupid students take to the streets because they are being asked to pay for a benefit that they chose to enjoy (waste their time actually), as our population sits quietly at home whilst our history is unravelled; our society destroyed; our taxes raised without representation; our nationality obliterated and our FREEDOMS REMOVED.

    The EU will, if not dismantled, evolve into a fully fledged dictatorship (think Napoleon; Hitler; Stalin; Pol Pot; Mugabe; Korean madmen) and plunge itself into a war it could not hope to win. In practice for this conflagration, Norway and Switzerland will be absorbed into the EU - 'for their protection and benefit'.

    Unless America, Russia or Turkey responded, the EU, bolstered in confidence, will take the next step. Where? Russia is a favourite destination for crazed European dictators - remember that they will not have to worry about Britain this time around.

    Turkey maybe? - as big a mistake as invading Russia. My bet is that the lunatics running the asylum will tilt at America.

    As for the insignificant, appointed not elected, twerp Herman von Rumpelstilskin, does anyone know how much he and his entourage cost us?
  3. I too read the same article with astonishment earlier this morning . Even out of Financial disaster comes the opportunity to increase the hold on Member Nations .... soon Ireland , Portugal , Greece etc ... ... will have sold their souls to the EU but probably without any consultation with their populace , however when they discover how much of their National Sovereignty they have lost that is when it will hit the fan . I see little chance of any item going to a referendum in any State for a number of years …. ways will be found to move ahead without the need to consult “ The little people “ but eventually out of desperation when they are offered cake to eat it will be too late and could lead to a messy end to the EU.
  4. nothing in principle about europe working together but the commission and the parliment just say no.
    way to much money spent on it no where near enough democracy or scrutiny.
  5. Traditionally its Euro Federalism that leads to war. Arch-Federalisers like Napoleon Bonaparte (Corsican in French service) and Adolf Hitler (Austrian in German service) just won't take no for an answer.
    Both these poster boys for Eurocracy would say that British Euro-scepticism had thwarted their attempts at unifying the continent. From the rest of the world's view, that' s probably been rather a Good Thing.
  6. I can easily see acts of violent insurrection being committed against the edifices of an EU federal government. It might not be us Brits - too apathetic and too disarmed - but I'll wager that an anti-EU terrorist organisation will spring up from one or more of Europe's nationalist hot-spots, particularly when it starts to really sink in about the extent of democratic disenfranchisement that the EU sees necessary in order to enforce its rule.
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    History has shown that every monolithic power structure attracts unscrupulous self-serving chancers with too much testosterone. The prime example is Stalin. Watch and fear.
  8. History has shown that every monolithic power structure attracts unscrupulous self-serving chancers with too much testosterone. The prime example is Stalin. Watch and shoot, watch and shoot.

  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    It's a bit like the great Global Warming Scam - every bit of evidence, no matter what it is, is twisted to support a certain viewpoint. In the Military it's called "Situating the Appreciation" and that's a pretty good description of what is happening here.

    Ireland meanwhile (or rather it’s Government) have already sold its soul to the EU, and is about to pay the price. That’s the problem with Faustian pacts, they always end in tears. This from a recent Irish Times article, by someone who has done the basic maths, and sees what will happen. Well worth reading it all:
    If you thought the bank bailout was bad, wait until the mortgage defaults hit home - The Irish Times - Mon, Nov 08, 2010

    It is a testament to the cool and resolute handling of the crisis over the last six months by the Government and Central Bank that markets now put Irish sovereign debt in the same risk group as Ukraine and Pakistan, two notches above the junk level of Argentina, Greece and Venezuela.
    September marked Ireland’s point of no return in the banking crisis. During that month, €55 billion of bank bonds (held mainly by UK, German, and French banks) matured and were repaid, mostly by borrowing from the European Central Bank.
    Until September, Ireland had the legal option of terminating the bank guarantee on the grounds that three of the guaranteed banks had withheld material information about their solvency, in direct breach of the 1971 Central Bank Act. The way would then have been open to pass legislation along the lines of the UK’s Bank Resolution Regime, to turn the roughly €75 billion of outstanding bank debt into shares in those banks, and so end the banking crisis at a stroke.
    With the €55 billion repaid, the possibility of resolving the bank crisis by sharing costs with the bondholders is now water under the bridge. Instead of the unpleasant showdown with the European Central Bank that a bank resolution would have entailed, everyone is a winner. Or everyone who matters, at least.
    The German and French banks whose solvency is the overriding concern of the ECB get their money back. Senior Irish policymakers get to roll over and have their tummies tickled by their European overlords and be told what good sports they have been. And best of all, apart from some token departures of executives too old and rich to care less, the senior management of the banks that caused this crisis continue to enjoy their richly earned rewards. The only difficulty is that the Government’s open-ended commitment to cover the bank losses far exceeds the fiscal capacity of the Irish State.

    Not pleasant - but makes me happy I sold the place in Dublin a few years ago :)
  10. What Rumpy Pumpy is demonstrating is one of the cardinal principles of the EU. No matter what the problem is, the answer is always more EU.
  11. Ironically. To my ears, it sounds very much like a threat.
  12. further on in that article it rells of the monies spent by the feckless baroness ashton on embassies around the world, take note the Eu embassy in the states told washington that they were the first port of call for european matters even if it was something to do with britain they should not go to the british embassy but to them, **** right off ashton you unelected marxist bint (she was the CND treasurer in the 80's and refused to disclose where cnd funds came from when it was strongly rumoured to be the USSR in an attempt to destabilisethe current govt). the only smart thing this witch has done is to purchase a fleet of armoured limosines, she obviously knows what's coming!!!
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It seem rather that the EU machine is populated by those whom their own nations have found wanting. This hateful anti-British **** has never been elected for a single position she holds, and yet she's the 'High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union (EU)'. She's the one that the rest of the globe is supposed to sup with if they want to commune with a member state.

    Yes indeed Mr Rumpouy, I'd be very worried.
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The Euro is collapsing in its current form, it's a slow-motion car crash, but a car-crash nonetheless. We are in for some interesting times indeed.

    Reading further into the Irish crisis, it will be interesting to see what happens there should things degenerate to a violent state - quite possible, according to some scenarios. With neither the Gardai nor the Óglaigh na hÉireann being paid, and order breaking down, who will take charge, and restire 'order'? Whose 'order' will it be? Will the Irish be allowed to leave the EU? Will European police be deployed? I wonder what the Yanks would think of film of EuroPol beating up irish protestors in Dublin, or shooting them in Limerick. Interesting times indeed....

    Oh, and should you think I'm being a bit alarmist - when monolithic Empires break up, they tend to start to unravel at the edges, and the unraveling spreads. Ireland, Greece, Portugal could take on the role of Poland and Slovenia when this happened the last two times in Europe - and that was only a few years ago. Sometimes it's (mostly) peaceful - Poland, Slovenia (though they did fight well enough to keep the Serbs/Jugoslavs out) and other times it's not (Georgia, Chechnya). We'll see.
  15. Because the last time the country was broke we of course resorted to a civil war.....Yes I remember the war in the 80's well.

    Have the telegraphs comments sections invaded here too with their weird hopeful tone (and not to subtle stereotyping) of civil strife and, God willing a bog war in Ireland?