Herforder Brewery Trip

Done the Herforder trip in 99. They arranged the tour to suit our timings, but take a fluent German speaker with you just in case you get a guide that cant speak English.

Try the May beer in the bar in large quantities. Its great.
fantastic brewery trip there in erm..1990 something or other..can't remember much about it :)
Did it in '85 from Minden. The return journey was fun. The bus goes up the hill and the p1ss goes to the back of the bus, go down and it goes to the front. Accelerate - back, and brake, to the front. Fluid dynamics - fascinating. When a bus is going at 100kmh and you try to hurl from one of the top slit-windows, the outside pressure blows the Wurstherfmix back into the bus and onto George Wales's lap. Aerodynamics - fascinating.

You also learn something of brewing.
accidentalscaley said:
I reckon it has as 7 Sigs are now in Bruggen with 16 Sigs smashing each other to bits, and the 7 Sigs camp in Herford is now a housing estate full of abjabs
rubbish the chavs in either regiment don't distinguish unit they just smash each other anyway
i did one a couple of years back and it was fantastic we even had a couple of free pewtermugss as gifts and to be honest not that expensive either
Try PM'ing Plant Pilot he is a bit of an expert in that field (a veteran of many a visit) he will be able to help out.
I think that it is on a tues, after 1 or 2 pm. Only lasts for 40 mins.

Starts in the bar, whistle stop tour of the vats, short vid (in German), bottle factory. Finish in Bar. Bar trhen open to about 3.30. As much free drink as you can get down ya neck in that time. You drink it quickly, another reappears just as quick.

Bar shuts and you are expected to leave. However, its a short stroll to a pub just outside the brewery grounds.

Enjoy. Oh, the tour guide may not speak english, so take someone who speaks Bosch or accept that the tour may not be informative, but may actually only last 20 mins...more time in the bar then!
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