Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by heffelump, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Hi Guys

    Posted to Herford, wondered what it was like?? Have been in Germany for the last year, so the shopping etc is not the problem, looking for info on quartering estates, job situation for civies, etc etc etc.
    (and yes I know that I can get that from the Community Guide, but they always paint the rosy picture of the station, but not the reality!!)

    Any news gratefully received

    Ta very muckle :D
  2. Some while back, and I mean a real long time, I was quartered at Enger. Soppose it was not that bed really. Doubt it's there now though. Heck I am a lot of help :)
  3. What unit are you going to?
  4. Was that the pad with a knocking shop in the middle of it ? Or was that Bunde ?

  6. I think he means Herford in Germany not Hereford in UK!!
  7. Herford not Hereford you dweeb!

    And the knocking shop was on the Gofeld estate. Gofeld, Enger and Besenkamp estates are no more.
  8. yer i have edited my silly-billy post :oops:
  9. Don't worry, I still have it in full as a qiote on my post :wink:
  10. OK, Gofeld , Enger & Besenkamp are gone. But what one of them had a knocking shop in the middle. Sh1t this Q is really bugging me now !!!!!

  11. Can't have been Enger. Nothing EVER happened there. Plenty of home made bars down in the cellers though :)
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I spent some time there, Cant remember what the address was. Bruning str possible or was the Krefeld?

    Anyways I loved Herford, great little city. home of the orange handbag with the green corner.
  13. Going to ADSR. Wentworth BKS (I think)

    And it is in BFG, not UK!!

    Youre input looks useful! (I think!) :wink:

    Hows the shopping?? A girl needs her shoe shops to keep her from going mad!! :)
  14. I lived in Herford for 5 years when me dad was in - nice place - used to live down alterpoztveg (sp??) people well sound - one thing I remember is the germans driving rnd the married quarters after 1990 world cup honking their horns all night and that some idiot left a gas pipe on and it blew half a flat open bout 500 yrds from where we lived.

    great times there for a young kid

    o yeah and gettin legged through a park by the german kids who always seemed to have whips and dogs
  15. I have just travelled back from Herford yesterday.

    Herford town centre is not too bad. There are a few clothes shops. Bielefeld and Bad Salzuflen (where my hotel was) are nearby. They also have shops, so it's not too bad on the shopping front!!

    There are also things like a 24 hour mc donalds (I am sure this could be useful at some point) and I noted a club lol

    The accomodation isn't too bad I have been told (as it isn't me who is in the army).

    I hope you have a good time :D