Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Hitch, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone assist? I'm researching a serious historical project on the Third Reich history of Hammersmith, Harewood and Wentworth barracks. In particular I'm looking to obtain images/photos of the barracks in use by the Germans up to 1945. My understanding is that there are some pictures held in various places inside the barracks. To date I am aware of a few framed pictures in the Guardroom and in the 1 ADSR conference room but have been informed that more exists.

    Are you able to tell me more and possibly be able to assist in obtaining a copy? You can see the sort of thing I mean here:


    This is posted in the Sigs forum as posting in the Historical forum drew a blank.

  2. I am at Wentworth at the moment, and as I understand it the old QM at Hammersmith had a load that were being sorted out to put on display. I got that info second hand, but its worth a check with the QM's dept
  3. I think the Hohne Garrison Sergeant Major was in soldier recently as a history buff. I know he is at Hohne but he may be able to help out. He started a Hohne museum and had alot of contact with other camps or so I believe.

    I've seen some pictures in the squadron lines as well, some with descriptions, I don't know if there locations are logged though.

    Not sure it was the GSM but it was one of the garrison staff.
  4. Bergan Hohne was a German army barracks and housed troops during the war. Bergan Belsen was the concentration camp, just down the road. Althought over 35,000 are said to have died within its confines, it didn't have gas chambers.

    Bergan Hohne was used after the camp was liberated to house and treat the many near dead inmates, whilst Bergan Belsen was flamethrowered to prevent the spread of TB and other nasties. IIRC bull dozers had to be used to push the bodies into large pits to prevent the spread of disease also.
  5. Anyone still able to help? I'm hoping to visit soon so any advice as to old photos lurking in offices would be of help.

    I hear the QMs has something - can anyone confirm???

  6. Not really relevant but I went to school with a guy whose dad drove the bulldozer burying bodies at Belsen. Affected him very badly I understand. The dad I mean!
  7. I know 201 Squadron has a few of the pictures up in its lines of hammersmith (being that we work there). Theres at least one, but I think theres two I can remember by the Seargant Majors office.... my memories a bit fuzzy
  8. Great news! Just what I needed, but keep them coming!
  9. Website finished. Then and Now photos of all three original barracks can be seen here:



    (Still looking for more help though)
  10. I had a look through this at work the other week. This Link# shows the picture that everyone says is Hitler on the balcony opposite the gate taking a march past (second picture from bottom).

    I'm not convinced myself!

    Excellent website btw.
  11. Can't get access as the fun police are blocking it, but I took some pictures of the old Maresfield Barracks a few weeks ago.

    Only the Gym tells you it used to be a camp :(
  12. Thanks. True, the image is too blurred for anyone to identify Hitler. Guess its just another urban legend. Note the garlands on the building to the rear - these are the same as in a different image which was a ceremony to name the barracks as Estorff Kaserne. I think this explains the activity in the blurred original photo.
  13. msr

    msr LE


    I can't help noticing that you accuse the Americans of looting everything...

    Would it be possible to have a bit more details of the current use of the buildings?

  14. No, I will not state what the current purpose of each building is for obvious security reasons...or was that a wah?

    The Americans occupied Harewood Barracks in April 1945 (more details soon) but a veteran told me that they would have taken great pleasure in smashing up the eagle and swastika that was at the frontgate.