Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Higround, Mar 4, 2005.

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  1. Ah 212 and Herford on the pop. I rememeber a long long time ago when i first visited a bar called Nosferatu (Nossies). It is a a horrible place filled with horrible women that pray on drunken innocent young soldiers. Ah and Georges, theres a popular misconception that 201 rule Georges. I would like to put these nasty rumours to bed right now. Georges always has been and always will be a 212 bar. The rest of you can go to Jays up the road.

    Jack Bauer
    212 Sig Sqn
  2. highly agree jack, they came down once a month and try and wreck the joint and get beat up cos as far as i could remember they cant fight! (or drink)

    sign off
  3. I see sigs board is still full of interesting information :wink:
  4. its better than the highspeed broadband discussion earlier.... gotta be techs/geeks,

    the army is an apple and i love the corps
  5. Well i think it is important information to the ppl that think they are trying to steal my bar

    212 FOREVER!!!
  6. getting drawn on cos you fell asleep at the bar doesnt mean your the owner!

    my bar........... my arrse!
  7. 8O Geek, i'll take that one on the chin, but tech - that hurts, really hurts :wink:

    I went to nosferatu's opening night in Herford, somewhere around 98/99. It was great to start with, new bar, loads of the local posh grumble going there. Fortunately within a few weeks it had turned into a squaddie dive with girls who have habbits that'd make a monkey blush. Loved herford, best tour i've had.

  8. lol i cant even imagine life before nossies, its such a dive....but we keep going back for more!

    best tour youve had? it has been a laugh but i think its just the people you have got around you. :D and its pretty good with all these crazy kids!

    be-gone dull boots

  9. Id have to agree w/ Easy. The town is pump, its full of ppl that hate us and you can't get in anywhere so you end up going to the same dives every weekend. Take Go Park for example. Alright club plenty of mint birds, musics alrite but we can't get in. Was in Nossies lnite actually think i only saw 2 fights downstairs. Pretty quiet for a Friday night.


    212 COMD TP
  10. to anyone posted here take heed,

    sign off!!!
  11. has 212 still got that short ex relay ssm , scottish fella , you know an all round good guy !!
  12. ha ha, yes hes still in two twelve, sound for an ssm and treats us all fair enough. i dont mind him at all, seemed a bit overly shouty when he first arrived but having seen us all improve and do well on exercise, he only gets shouty when he needs to, which is expected really.

    all in all a good bloke.
  13. Can't wait till im an SSM...
  14. he was a staffy @ 16 , served in same node , never really had a grumble with him , other people did . does he still have that tartan table cloth on his desk??
  15. yup, but thats normal isnt it, same as the old DPM table covers, for trg wings and keen seniors :D :D :D