Herford: The day the circus came to town

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Verden_Bandit, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. 8) The circus arrived in Herford one lazy summers evening so everybody went to see the animals, acrobats, clowns etc. This was an old fashioned type of circus and included a Boxing Ring with an old fashioned rather fat looking ex German heavyweight boxing champion. "Can anybody last three rounds with this man for a DM 100 prize". A hand was raised in the audience and in a soft Irish tone came the reply "I`m your man. Within a few seconds the fat German lay prostrate and so Paddy claimed his prize. After a while spent recovering, the challenge was asked again. This time a different hand was raised from the audience and in a rough English voice said "I am your man. With the first punch, again the fat German was left prostrate. You see, these two challengers from 7 Sig Regt were none other than the Irish Light heavyweight amateur boxing champion (also the Irish Decathlon champion) and the German Heavyweight amateur boxing champion (his mother was German). Not a bad nights work for these two fellas, so they followed the circus to Bielefeld and repeated their feats. They then followed the circus to other locations (he couldn`t refuse their challenges because the crowd would have lynched him), until the circus manager finally told them to Fcuck off (in German of course). Good memories eh! 8)
  2. Was that when 7 Sigs was posted there? .. .. :wink:
  3. 8) Yep, Early eighties.
  4. Feckin hell, just found this site?

    And can you quote more peoples' stories?
  5. heidtheba
    If, as you seem to portray, you are a serving sqaddie, I suggest you stop spending your life in “virtual reality” and get a REAL life! And before you come back, been there, done it, without a computer screen!!
  7. And just because he likes tinternet, can he not be a real sqaddie with a real life :?
  8. Cheers CAARPS, just because you won today :wink:
  10. No dramas :D
  11. Any of you guys going to tell the "first hand" story of the guard commander going to a gang bang in the block and - shock horror - it's the guard commander's wife/daughter/mum?
  12. make a f*cking change :D :D
  13. No, bollox, PD, that was at Cattrick when I was there.

    Seen it happen, and the lights were out, blah, blah,

    Off to drink some wobbly now................

    Hence my first post on this thread :roll:
  14. A Circus once came to Minden in the early 80's - the Boxing ring was there
    But the Boxer was a Mohammed Ali look-a-like (and sound-a-like)
    He was shit hot!!
    He fought two turkish spiks and 'toyed' with 'em before battering 'em

    We had a black lad called 'Juma' who was a boxer from Bradford (?)
    who at 6' 4'' was a handy lad...

    Ali again 'toyed' with him for two rounds before going for the kill
    he didn't put Juma out or even on the floor and I think it was a draw

    Afterwards he told us he was a sparring partner for the real Ali
    don't know if it was true but he was 'class' and was no mug
  15. Yes it does, good boxing day?