Herford/Hereford - IRA Murders - Urban Myth?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by StumpyHussar, May 28, 2008.

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  1. Going back to those two poor under cover (Sigs?) blokes who blundered into that IRA funeral in Belfast, they were dragged out of their car, beaten and murdered by the crowd (still haunts me that television news footage).

    When I was in, many moons ago, the buzz was that on searching them before they were shot one of them was found to be carrying his SOXMIS card (everyone in BAOR had to carry one to report sightings of SOXMIS vehicles). This having the bit where it says "if you spot a SOXMIS veh phone Herford 123456", when this was noticed by the murderers they thought it said Hereford and that these guys were therefore from the SAS.

    Is this true or is it another urban myth? Only asking because a civvie told me this today again as gospel.

    For the curious SOXMIS= Marked Russian intelligence gathering car.
  2. Cpls Howes and Cpl Wood. Royal Signals technicians from 39 Bde.

    Their memory is honoured at Blandford with the Howes and Wood Memorial Shed :roll:
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  3. Sounds plausible. I used to get them mixed up as well (when I was about ten).
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  4. Sorry, don't like being a fcking pedant, but wasn't SOXMIS the collective noun for members of the SOvietMISsion in Germany? I'm sure ours was BRIXMIS etc
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  5. There was a monument on Richmond Road In Catterick Garrison also
  6. that right. Embassy cars.
  7. No, not Embassy cars. The Soviet Military Mission to the Commander BAOR was quite a sepearate entity.
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  8. they were hardly soviet intellence gathering cars!
  9. I stand corrected, but did anyone ever see a SOXMIS car doing anything reportable, I never did and Ive never met anyone who did.
  10. Extra pedantry: SOviet Exchange Mission
  11. I've never even heard the 'I know a bloke who saw..' kind of stories.
  12. ...and wrong.
  13. Yeah, that's what he said: SOXMIS=Soviets=Ruskies. Why would Herford have wanted sightings of BRIXMIS cars reporting to them?
  14. When you spotted them it was a number in Herford you had to call to report it. This was to try to keep a track of where they went. We all were issued these and carried in the wallet.