Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by FUGLYJIM, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. Me again

    Does anyone have any photos taken at the Farewell parade for the 1st RTR , as they left Herford , Germany ? The parade was November 1982.

    I am looking for any pictures that featured the 3 ferrets that were leading the parade, on carrying the standard and two escorts just behind ?

    Or were you and ex Herford Ferret driver . I am rebuilding ferret and very keen to get pics of the above as this ferret was one of the three??
    Could be worth a few quid?

    jim@strategicplacements.com or reply on this

  2. Sorry no,

    I was on the parade though, I remember the local german protesters laying down in fron of Harewood Barracks with their "Falkland Fuc*ers" signs being somewhat brutally removed by the Politzei
  3. I presume were you in the RTR then ?

    Any ideas where else I can get a pic ?

  4. Sorry - forget the first question - I read you details (brain was in snooze mode !)