Heres Bush the Berk lying again! What a surprise!

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Bugsy, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. After ordering everybody to prove that Iraq was responsible for banjoeing the World Trade Centre, here's what the prat said in a recent news conference.
    You couldn't make this up.

    And before anybody points out the obvious - I know all about the website, but this is a video of Bush the Berk making a complete "penis-up" of the whole question.

    Talk about useless and incompetent!

  2. I need to start trolling throught the C-Span listings to see when they're re-running that conference. I want to know what was being said beforehand that caused him to lose his teddies. :D

    What a shuddering hoop.
  3. Whatever happened to the legal precedent set by the Nuremberg tribunals when the defendants were arraigned before the court and subsequently found guilty of charges, inter alia, of 'waging aggressive war'.

    I doubt any American administration will ever hold that man and his associates to any kind of account!
  4. What's the problem, never heard anybody say Iraq was part of the attack on Sep. 11 as the question stated. Have heard them state they supported and supplied terrorist with financing and training, as well as the stupid WMD gag which we all know was trucked into Syria before the U(seless)N could do any inspections. On the other hand Iraq is part of the problem and now acts as a shithead magnet. So I would say it's better to fight them there than say the abbey ruins at Bury St. Edmunds? Cheers you *******!!!!

    Ha just screwing with ya don't get all bent out of shape:)
  5. Tread carefully tex :wink:
  6. :twisted:
  7. Aah, crabtastic, you bit! Don't worry about grumble and grunts like this. They make you appreciate all the more the decent and sensible folks around.

  8. texengland you should know better than interrupt a thread that was meant as a anti Bush diatribe. Its just better to let the kids thump their chest, have a rant and move on. Makes them feel important. 8)
  9. NEO_CON! I wondered when you'd rock up. I think you're labouring under a misapprehension. You seem to think that people don't like Bush the Berk because they're envious, or mistrust him and his policies. Well, these may factor in, but the main reason is that leaders, and particularly the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, are held to much higher standards than us ordinary folk. Bush the Berk has proved beyond a doubt that he's not only totally unaware of the world outside his immediate sphere, he's also proved that he doesn't give a shite about it! In addition, any halfways trained observer can see that he's totally indifferent to anything that doesn't add to his personal kudos. In short, he's exactly the wrong sort of person to be leading a nation. I wouldn't let him lead a dog!

    If that's the sort of totally vacuous nonentity you see fit to support, then that's obviously your choice. But it says a lot about you personally too. Which is probably why you seem to get such short thrift on ARRSE.

  10. I just like screwing with people who get all worked up over trivial sh*t like this, I myself am not a huge Bush fan especially when it comes to our borders. On the other hand I would rather have Bush in office than Kerry.

    Frankie Says Relax!! :)
  11. To date, the material cost to the US of the Iraq War has been:

    2,609 US dead
    19,890 US Wounded
    $319,000,000,000 of taxpayers' money appropriated

    Not to mention the incalculable cost to the image and credibility of the US and its ability to counter other challenges and threats, both short and long term.

    And why? Because of hubris and one of the the most fraudulent and despicable disinformation campaigns ever foisted upon the American people.

    If you're just going to troll, fcuk off somewhere else and do it. If you want to talk seriously about the matter, I'm eager to hear what you have to say.
  12. Troll!! No need to start name calling. I know very well the cost of the war both in Iraq, A-stan and those shithole support bases scattered throughout the area. Don't start quoting numbers to me like you're all high and mighty, just because I made a light hearted comment about our current president.

    I also know that we are fighting a WAR against an enemy who wants our people and way of life destroyed. If the government has an ulterior motive whether it be oil, camels or sand then so be it. All gov'ts are corrupt there is no doubt in my mind about that, but you have to look past your petty hatred of governmental bodies and see what is really going on in the world. These people don't care if you are left wing or right wing they just want you dead, and all this b*itching and whining about what the Pres. or P.M. lied and he said she said BS just fits right into their agenda. We are never going to win this war fighting in poitically correct fashion as we are now. We need to quit worrying about the feelings of the bleeding hearts and just go in and get the damn job done and done right.

    Before the inevitable thread of the hell are you to be talking like this and all that crap, I am active duty USAF been this way for 8 years now. Was prior Ordnance and currently working M.I.. So don't start swinging your post count around like it's big d*ck or something because that just gets straight to the middle of nowhere. On a lighter note I did spend 3 years in England and absolutely loved it, still trying to get back there even if ya'll do have some very bassackwards laws. Now go have a beer and chill out buddy, because I have a feeling we'll bump heads more than once on here.Take Care, :p
  13. Im fairly sure we'd have fewer opportnities to fight this war if the happy couple werent making whoopsy all over the middle east.

    and personally speaking if I have to die in a ditch for someone id prefer it was the electorate of Britain speaking through their elected representative, than the inbreds of backasswards US of A grinding the organ for their monkey who in turn operates Phoney tony via a hand up his jacksie.
  14. That's some funny sh*t! :D
  15. He probably doesnt Dogface, but he has an awareness of the wider scenario something that isnt always evident in your posts!