Heres a novel idea.....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by headgear, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. Whilst waiting for the budget anouncement I'd like to suggest a novel idea to Alistair Darling:

    Decrease the taxes for single people without kids who work and are not a drain on society and increase the taxes of those with kids!

    After all like everyone else childless singlies get taxed to the hilt but take less of the state than those with kids but do not get equal resource allocation.

    Contentious issue I know but I'm just sick of getting punished - its probably time to emmigrate! (or get married and have kids)

  2. emigrate, no amount of money is worth the pain in the arse that kids are when they grow up, take your money with one hand and anything else with the other and give you nothing but lip/ greef.
  3. Double relief for those married with no kids? :wink:
  4. How about we increase the tax on people with no children, as it's the children who will be paying your pension? Sound fair?
  5. can we also increase the tax on

    slow people
    yanks living in the uk
    people who drive like *********
  6. Never the less it is those kids and probably their kids too that will pay for your pension, perhaps if you are not investing the effort in having kids you should be paying more.

  7. Also, how about we pay politicians by the hour and make it performance related.
  8. Sorry but that's a no-can-do. We need more single tax payers to foot the state pension bill and there's only one way of achieving that less opening the borders gates wider.

    Here's a novel idea ..... compulsory euthanasia upon retirement unless you can prove self-sufficiency. They had it right in Logan's Run.
  9. well done you have discovvered a way of freeing up a large ammount of government money
  10. I propose a high-definition tax on those with a plasma screen TV larger than their intellect.
  11. fair point about kids and pensions etc but perhaps if GORGON BROON hadn't raided the pension funds the situation wouldn't be nearly as bad.

    Also as a squaddie there's a fair chance I'll peg out early (heart attack etc) if the life insurance company briefings I've been given are right!
  12. Sod off!! so my 30 odd years of working and paying contributions has sod all to do with it??