Heres a complicated one for you!

I left the TA in 2003, I have now re-entered. I was on top level bounty. I have a few questions.

1) Will I be able to carry on at top level bounty?
2) Will my time towards VRSM have to start from scratch?

On a seperate point, I qualified for LSSA when I deployed to Bosnia in 2001. Now I am back in and facing an overseas training excercise later in the year, will I be able to claim LSSA on that?



War Hero

See the link below re VRSM qualifying. In outline, the time you spent away won't count towards it, it just won't be included. Breaks of up to 3 years are permissible, and you won't have to start from scratch.

Re LSSA, you qualified for LSSA when you were mobilised for Bosnia (ie you were a temporary Regular), but as TA you are not entitled to LSSA.


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