Herer's another reason why you shouldn't drink Budweiser


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They should counter sue Budweiser under the trade descriptions act for selling piss as beer.
I see they weakly submitted. Pricks.
I always get it mixed up with this


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A bit of an own goal by Budweiser. I had to drink it once in the 80s.

The Czech version is OK, though.
An Elmer came down the boat when we were in the States. We warned him how strong our beer was - he said 'it's OK, I can drink a case of Bud'.

He fell off the boat in a big snotty heap and later that night suffered a heart attack!
Here's another reason why you shouldn't drink Budweiser
aside from the fact that it's piss. Budweiser tells tiny UK mircobrewery to change name after they named it after their children's school
Shame it's them naughty Belgians, the ones based in Leuven who kinda own Anheuser-Busch and therefore own Budweiser, that have tried to say that people will get the stuff made in Wandsworth confused with the cherry-flavoured liquid vomit called Bellevue Kriek.

But since the story first appeared in the Fail, it's hardly surprising that Bud gets mentioned as we couldn't have you crying your eyes out telling people here they should stop drinking Stella.........

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