Discussion in 'Travel' started by Emsav, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. My esteemed friends, can anyone help me with recommendations for good quality hotels at the end of the month within 30 kilometres of Stretford Bridge HR6 9DQ. The requirement is to accommodate 4 people (55-65 years), one of whom is disabled. If the hotel does not have ground-floor rooms it MUST have a elevator as the disabled guest is confined to a wheelchair. Please no B&B’s, Inns with rooms or cheap and nasty chain hotels as my people will not appreciate poor quality or service.

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Try Moccas Court (link). I know people who have stayed there and who rated it very highly. Should be just within your distance limits.
  3. The Green Dragon is a shithole. I wouldnt board a cat there.
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  4. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    It certainly has an awful reputation. Not that I've ever had the pleasure mind.

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  5. Moccas Court is good. Staff are friendly and professional. Beautiful countryside all the year around. Check access though.
  6. I'll second that. The Green Dragon was OK, when it was a Forte place back in the 80's, but it has seriously gone downhill since.

    I know that the OP didn't want a chain, but you know, the Premier Inn at the Starting Gate on the Holmer Road, fits all the other requirements, disabled rooms/ground floor, fairly well appointed, you know what you will get, and, most importantly is right on the Leominster road for you to get to where you want.

    If you really don't want a chain, then the Merton Hotel is OK, can't vouch for the suitablility of the rooms though, The Merton Hotel – Restaurant & Grill The service is second to none.

    A few years ago, I'd have recommended the Grafton, but I have a feeling it has been taken over by one of the chains, sorry.
  7. My girlfriend was up from London last week and as Im in a shared house we stayed in the Merton for a bit of privacy.

    The room was barely bigger than the cheap divan it contained and it was noisier and creakier than a wooden ship of the line in a hurricane.

    The tiles were hanging off the bathroom wall.

    Breakfast was shit, precooked and reheated. The 'fresh' orange was watered down and sour.

    Not bad for £70 !?!?!

    The Hollytree b and b beats both the merton and the dragon hands down and is 30/35 quid a night. Wheelchair access is crap though.

    As for the premier inn by the starting gate. Its where my folks stay when down here if the hollytree is full. It is spot on for what you need but unfortunately, there is not much to choose from Im afraid unless you want to be over an hours drive from Leominster.

    There is a lovely place just outside Kington too.
  8. Premier Inn Hereford...I think their restaurant is a beefeater.
  9. Yes. The starting gate. Not too bad for microwave jockey stuff but i'd stick to ordering from the grill.
    Avoid the spicy chips, they are just normal chips with raw cajun seasoning sprinkled on, nasty
  10. You do realise that rules out most of North Herefordshire don't you?

    There's lots of nice B&Bs and Inns (not necessarily cheap) but there isn't any Ritz.

    What about Ludlow? I think the Feathers is still OK and there's Fishmore Hall and Overton Grange too, with Fishmore supposedly being very disabled friendly.

    How much? Well if you have to ask...
  11. Esteemed friends, thank you for your help and assistance thus far. As I expect you all realize it is not easy trying to make travel plans to an area that is not, shall I say, on the tourist map thus I have to trust you worthy people and hope that you will do right by me.

    To give you further information, those travelling are not on a vacation but on business, visiting a supplier to negotiate a contract. This morning I receive a PM suggesting that consideration is given to a hotel in a place called Builth Wells - Caer Beris Manor. My question now is where is Builth Wells, how far is it from Stretford Bridge and will the journey be fairly easy for people who be visiting the area for the first time. Finally if anyone has experience of the Caer Beris Manor your comments will be most welcome as I value comments from clients above those of the management team.

    Again my thanks
  12. Is your Google broken? Hotels in Builth Wells. Book your hotel now!
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  13. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Get to the Bay horse, the rooms are on an upstairs and outside balcony, no disabled facilities so ideal to watch a broken friend try to get to their bedspace.

    Please tape the entire episode before pouring scalding hot shampoo in your eyes.
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