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  1. Hereford is a busy market and business centre lying in the heart of the Wye Valley.

    It is the centre of some of the most superb touring country in Britain, being quickly accessible from Shropshire, Wales, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and the Forest of Dean.

    Regular rail services and a comprehensive road network link Hereford with major cities in the country.

    Much of Hereford's history has been turbulent. Hereford lies at a strategic point along England's border with Wales and was the site of one of the strongest castles in the country. Fragments of the Saxon and Medieval walls still remain.

    The River Wye was forded here by Saxon armies. In fact Hereford means 'army ford'. The town was built around 700AD and, on the site of a shrine to St. Ethelbert, a cathedral in 1080. It is thought that as it is known that the first Bishop live in 780, there was some sort of cathedral at least started then.

    Ethelbert was King of East Anglia and was muredred by King Offa in 794.

    It became one of the twelve cities mentioned in the Domesday Book. It was also a royal mint for the likes of Edward the Confessor and Canute.

    The first bridge was built around 1220. The one you see now was built in 1490. The third arch was ripped down to save the city from the Scots in 1645, and rebuilt differently.

    Once Edward 1 conquered Wales, Hereford's strategic importance lessened.

    It gained its Charter in 1189 from Richard 1. This meant they had to maintain the city walls themselves, but only needed to pay a set rent to the King rather than taxes. But long before that it had its own customs and regulations which made it a model for many other towns.

    For at least 1.000 years, Hereford played an important part in England's history, facing countless sieges, raids and battles, culminating in the Civil War, when the city changed hands four times between 1642 and 1645.

    It supported King Charles and was beseiged by the Scots - indeed its coat of arms shows the three lions of England surrounded by the emblems of St Andrew, patron Saint of Scotland as a reminder.

    Today, Hereford remains one of England's most unspoiled rural idylls, famous for its white-faced cattle, hops, cider and Wye salmon.

    Dominating the City is the superb Cathedral. It houses many treasures including the renowned chained library of over 1,400 volumes and the famous Mappa Mundi - a unique map of the world drawn around AD 1300.

    High Town is the hub of the city and provides a central open space for a variety of events and street entertainment throughout the year.

    Around High Town, modern shopping blends in with historical buildings. The range of shops, from well known high street names to independent retailers and small craft outlets, offers a wide variety of goods and services.

    Much of the city centre is pedestrianised making shopping relaxing and enjoyable. Hereford is also an important market centre, attracting visitors from far and wide to its busy Wednesday livestock and general market.

    Nice town Hereford,
    If you read this looking for some gossip on 'them' . Get a life :!: :twisted:

  2. Read between the lines SK... it's all there. :D
  3. The important thing to remember about Hereford is that it is largely populated by single mothers and assorted Chavs, brain damaged by massive over-indulgence in unpasteurised local cider. A walk through the pedestrian precinct is like going to a mong theme park.
  4. Sounds like Farnborough town centre 8O :D
  5. Not dissimilar.
  6. ....................and there is a walk to the Violette Szabo museum

  7. 102 hitsin just over 20 mins, Herefords popular for tourists then. :D
  8. Hereford is not listed in the "crap towns" book so thats a good start. :D
  9. LMAO! :lol: 8)

    Wonder how many "Walts" had their eyes pop out on stalks when they say the Topic!! :wink:
  10. I'm Sorry I missread the title of your thread and thought you said Hertford I thought you had something to say about that lovely county :lol:
  11. Strange - I thought it was Herford! :lol:
  12. 'Kin el, 281 hits in just over an hour and a half. It pays to advertise. :lol:
  13. Do you work for the Herefordshire Tourist Board? Maybe you could recommend a good campsite in case Lucksall has shut down this summer

    :lol: :lol:
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    Are they all members of a certain Unbelievably Flaccid website ?
  15. Hereford almost always features in the first line of a walt's conversation; "When I was in H..... " or "A mate of mine from H......". Never quite sure how the conversation ends as I'm normally pushing out zzz in the corner or having a very long crap!!!!

    I believe Henno was born there.