Hereditary Generals ?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by The Booth, Dec 4, 2011.

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  1. From November 1914 until March 1918 there was stalemate on the Western Front as both sides stuck to their trenches for protection
    Between the two opposing sets of trenches was No Man's Land which any attacking troops had to cross.Both sides used thick belts of barbed wire to protect the trenches. Troops caught up in the wire became easy targets for the enemy machine gunners and snipers
    The wars in the trenches were so intense that 10% of the fighting soldiers (not the officers) were killed in the trench warfare and around 50% would get wounded.
    "General Melchard sir, Every time we go over the top the Gerrys are waiting with their machine guns and we're slaughtererd!"
    Nonsense Blackadder, carry on, Let the Hun Know we're here"

    90yrs later - same same
    Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) caused the majority of Nato casualties in 2010 and their indiscriminate use has been blamed by the United Nations for contributing to record civilian casualties.

    From April to June, 3,845 exploded or were found, according to the Pentagon's Joint IED Defeat Organisation (JIEDDO). Coaliton killed and wounded from the bombs rose 15 per cent yearly to 1,248 over the same period.

    In June, use of roadside bombs was 25 per cent higher than average.

    Most of the bombs are of homemade explosive, but attempts to block the import of ammonium nitrate fertiliser used in its manufacture have failed to stop the increase in devices.
    "General Melchard sir, every time we go on patrol the taliban have got an IED waiting for us"
    Nonsense capt Darling, we've got to re assure the local were here!"

  2. You're punching above your weight intellectually speaking. Please stop.

    Also, it's Melchett, you dick.
  3. I don't get your point. WW1 was general warfare, whereas Afghanistan is Counter Insurgency. Are you trying to say that because the Insurgents place IEDs we should cower in the FOBs?
  4. How does the title of your thread pertain to its cut-and-paste contents, or, indeed, to anything else?
  5. Your right QS I am punching way above my intellect, Its just that I cant help thinking that as a nation we aren't.
    You probably got a better insight than me but it looks to me thats its still "over the top lads and tally ho" and that the everyday patrol has more cons than pro's.
    I stand corrected - Melchett of course.
  6. Mr Convict, all I was trying to suggest was that the generals of today are equally as stupid as the generals of the first world war. Lads are getting killed regularly and they dont seem to have a plan B.
  7. I've not got a definite answer wobblyhead but Libya turned out ok so far in less than a year. The locals did the groundwork and we did the air support. Like I said m8 I haven't got the answer but it seems that our generals have got one plan not matter the casualties!
  8. Good drills on me! Funnily enough, I HAVE actually just popped some popcorn, and eagerly await the gopping civvie cuntbashing to commence.
  9. Well it doesn't. You clearly don't understand either the contemporary operating environment or the historical references you've made. Stop getting your news from the Sun, if you want to understand why the army works the way it does then I can suggest STRATFOR - Geopolitical intelligence, economic, political, and military strategic forecasting | STRATFOR. Just delete this thread and let's all move on with our lives.
  10. Flaggers,
    dont sit on the fence with your popcorn, give me a feminist perspective (without abuse plz)
    Are we doing the right thing by sending daily patrols out with no specific objective other than showing the local we are there ?
  11. Scrolling...scrolling...scrolling...and...Ignore.
  12. QS, Ive been reading your link and I got enuff insight to know that I not got the full picture - its complicated. Its just frustrating to hear bad news on a regular basis and I wish the lads on the ground the best of luck. I'l take your advice and wind my neck in.
  13. Nice sentiment now go to bed
  14. Dunno the answer to your question. I got out before Afgh. popped up this round, so really can't speculate. But I do know from my own experience that it's not my job as an JNCO to worry about that sort of thing. My job is merely to do my job as dictated down the COC. To soldier. And sometimes soldiers die.Though more heli-inserts for infantry would probably cut down IED-casualties, I could (were it my job, mind) speculate that lack of patrolling presence would give the ******* more leeway to plant more IEDs, which would cost even more lives when movement by roads ultimately DID become necessary, and would cost the civpop alot of casualties too. Add to that whatever CIMIC value having feet on the ground adds, and there is probably the seed of a reason for it.
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  15. First, Blackadder was not a documentary. If you are going to make comparisons with WW1 then do some proper research first.

    Second, as I have said elsewhere: if you want to keep soldiers safe don't send them to a combat zone, if you do send them then have a plan that enables them to achieve something not just survive. So lets hear your plan for how to win in Afghanistan.