Here you are Polar (Animal *******/Duck Fight Club).

Hmmmmm decisions decisions....

  • Dog

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  • Cat (Small). Tiddles etc.

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  • Cat (Big). Lion, Tiger etc.

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  • Sheep (for the traditionalists)

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  • Cow (Ooooooh daisy)

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  • Horse (Popular with the ladies)

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  • Rhino (Strictly for hardcore mentalists!)

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  • That rancid Hippacrockapig from the NAAFI

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  • Duck

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  • Other (Please specify)

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It has been noted that the level of conversation has become ever so slightly girly in here so without further ado I give you the.


Would you treat your chosen date to dinner or would it be a sorded fumble round the back of the NAAFI?

Would there be any truely intimate behaviour like kidney punching?

Lubed up or dry?

Gentlemen, and indeed ladies, the floor is yours.
I would rim a Duck billed platypus, just for the novelty, I would like to scuttle anything on the endangered list to help them get going again
Fcuk me, you can talk about fisting animals and the like, but as soon as your aris' is threatened you run away like a timid squirrel!


Nothing like talking about fisting to brind the Naafi back into the male manly domain!
I would have to go with the hippo from the naffi as i have done so already at some point!
To add all other garnishing applies kidney punches etc

They all love it really!

SparkySteve said:
Fcuk me, you can talk about fisting animals and the like, but as soon as your aris' is threatened you run away like a timid squirrel!
I've seen the size of your hands.........


War Hero
Other - Paris Hilton, with wicker keeper gloves on :numberone:
Due to the size of BigUn's fists Elephants and Whales are probably the only two species in the animal kingdom who could take it. :biggrin:
There are a few human females I wouldn't mind ripping into though, if you know what i mean :wink:
You never know, fingers crossed :wink:


Book Reviewer
An unlubed fisting session, with a porcupine, at the back of Cha-Cha's whilst felching a long dead mongoose.

As for kidney punches, thats just sick.,


An unlubed feet first full body ( got small hands) session with a rhino
As for kidney punches.. i would't want to pi$$ it off they've got horns you know.

One on each hand! That would looks great as well! You could run around the pub \"Duck-Slapping\" people! And if they were still alive and quacking and flapping as well... would be great!

I wish I had a pair of ducks...

Duck, definitely, just to hear the sound it made.


Book Reviewer
Can I trade my porcupine for a duck?
I would say sheep 'cos they have cute faces that you can watch in the bathroom mirror, but I'm worried I'd now be seen as conventional and boring.
I think this could be \"naked roll mat fighting\" for the 21st, or even the 22nd century...

MODs, can we change the smiley-guy with a big foam hand to a guy with a duck on it?

I reckon I could get a pigeon on each of my fingers. Sort of like Edward Sissorhands, but with very pissed-off birds. Doing ten pigeons at once, that'll teach the little bastwards for covering my car in their filthy, acidic poo, and then not washing it off.
Ok this is going to soud crazy but how about having a duck on your fist and then using that duck to fist (duck?) a Rhino?

I believe I have just created a new sexual practice.

Gentlemen, when fisting is not enough, try DUCKING!

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