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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by PRC-349, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. For all those spotters of all things shiney and what not I have something that has puzzled me, I have no clue what on earth it is meant to be.

    Was routing through the old kit cupboard and found this (see piccies) now i've had a butchers and it is the same size as a 5.56mm round, fits in a magazine but I cannot put my finger on what on earth it is meant to be.

    I'm feeling generous so if someone comes up with a definate and correct answer to what this is i shall either donate £10 to Help4Heros or make a swish purchase from their online store :D

    (Further edits in due course due to beer fingers)

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  2. Hammed round extractor?
  3. I dont think so, the back of the round appears to have been struck by a firing pin and the base looks very much lik a .22 Rimfire round to me
  4. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Headspace gauge?
  5. the base would be filled with a thin layer of wax or plasticine and placed in the weapon. Its a armourers tool to check the functioning of the firing pin. It is also a gauge.
  6. I think this sounds most likely, however why not use normal blanks?
  7. don't need a BFA
    seem a very gucci answer to a problem not really needing an answer

    silent blanks would confuse someone

    not quite as fun as swapping the platoon commanders SA80 for an airsoft version :twisted:
  8. All you backbench warriors dont recognise a Sennelager suppository :p thats just a small one with a few teethmarks 8) the larger ones are 50cal airforce specials because they have bigger ********* :)
  9. forgive my ignorence but why? I thought the bullet traveling down the barrel and gasses etc cased the recocking? so wouldnt there need to be a projectile in this as well?

    sorry if i sound like a tube, but cant get my head round that one

    However, a form of blank has me satisfied, making my H4H purchase as soon as morning vision has gone away :D

    Edited to add: T-shirt Ordered after a long fume with PayPal
  10. when using those, the weapon doesn't cock using the gas parts.

    it cocks using a blowback action. BFAs are only required if you want the weapon to cock using the gas parts.