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here we go....

Off to RMAS tomorrow....1 year of hell coming up.

not asking for advice, had loads, just wanted to say i've had great fun posting here and reading others...especially the 3-trap etiquette!

How long is it between applying for comission and beginning at sandhurst (assuming that all tests are passed! :D )

If i applied on monday coming, when would i expect to attend RMAS?


agent smith

PS Good luck. Hope you have a great time, and just remember that its a chance to learn and all the crap will be over in less than a yr. :D
Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed Sandhurst both at the time and retrospectively I have no idea what the three trap etiquette is! Is that what chicks do?

1) Trap the PTI

2) Trap the Plt CSjt

3) Trap the Plt Comd

Many thanks I found the following particularly amusing:

There's actuallya great deal of fun to be had in a 3-stall situation, especially if you are in the middle.

An old fave of mine is to take a couple of mars bars to the bog with you. Break them into small pieces and warm them in your hands so they get sticky. Declare loudly in your best Belfast accent that "Bobby Sands Lives!" and start throwing the bits over the walls beside you while singing "Go on Home British Soldiers, Go on Home, Have ye got no fcuking homes of your own?" Calamity will ensue and once done you can walk outside and look forlornly at the work experience girl working at the desk opposite while showing her (what she thinks) are your sh1t stained hands. Her face is a picture, especially when you start licking them clean.

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