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Discussion in 'Officers' started by miniTJ, Jan 8, 2005.

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  1. Off to RMAS tomorrow....1 year of hell coming up.

    not asking for advice, had loads, just wanted to say i've had great fun posting here and reading others...especially the 3-trap etiquette!

  2. Good Luck and have fun :twisted:
  3. The bad times make the good times even better - a time never to be forgotten! :D

  4. Give the AcSM a big kiss from me.
  5. Have fun - I confess to looking at in through rose tinted glasses! TERRA FIRMA - what a top Ex!!
  6. thanks guys!

  7. You'll hate it while it's happening but you'll look back on it as the time of your life. Enjoy.
  8. Best of luck miniTJ, just remember never let the barstewards get you down
  9. How long is it between applying for comission and beginning at sandhurst (assuming that all tests are passed! :D )

    If i applied on monday coming, when would i expect to attend RMAS?


    agent smith

    PS Good luck. Hope you have a great time, and just remember that its a chance to learn and all the crap will be over in less than a yr. :D
  10. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed Sandhurst both at the time and retrospectively I have no idea what the three trap etiquette is! Is that what chicks do?

    1) Trap the PTI

    2) Trap the Plt CSjt

    3) Trap the Plt Comd

  11. Many thanks I found the following particularly amusing: