Here we go again...

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has refused to be drawn on this and said the British Government would await a full report from UN inspectors.

At the MoD, officials insisted war was neither "imminent nor inevitable" and said diplomatic efforts were still being pursued to resolve the Iraq crisis.

Tony, either sh*t , or get off the Potty. I of course, shall be aiming off for the worst case scenario, but, if we're waiting for UNMOVICS report, isn't that going to take us past the 7 day deadline remaining?
Were doomed............. Well I'm not, I can feel a limp coming on and I've splintered my pancreas

Quelle surprise.....  :-/

Mr Blix is to make a presentation on the Iraqi declaration to the full Security Council on Thursday. Mr Bush is not expected to make a statement until after that.

The edited declaration distributed to the non-permanent members of the UN Security Council runs to 3,500 pages, compared with the original's 12,000 pages.

What the bloody hell did they edit out of it?
What the bloody hell did they edit out of it?

Anything they either didn't like or didn't support their agenda knowing the Spams.


apparently it was information that could be used to produce WMD.  They do not trust the rest of the countries with this sensitive information.

However, as we all know it is all on the web already.

Maybe it was really to save on paper as they knew no one would read it anyway.
LOL @ Hairy and Yeo

If any country wanted to make a WMD, google is only a click away, for copies of "The anarchists cookbook" etc.

As Yeo says, a lot of this information is freely available in the public domain.

Just after 9/11 , I found a link off a DoD site (since removed) detailing grades of anthrax suitable for Bioweapon use. The site was a research document, which I think, might have ended up on the public web by accident.

Removing 75% of a critical document is incredible. If this document, contains sensitive information, that made a cull of this magnitude necessary, then surely the iraqis must have made some sort of WMD intimation or declaration therein?

I guess we'll just have to wait for the leaked version..  ;D