Here we go again.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Steven, Oct 23, 2007.

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    Local council has banned November 5th bonfire on environmental grounds.

    I always thought that wood burning fires are carbon netural?

    What a complete load of toss. These people really are a bunch of cnuts.

    You know what the worst bit about it all, no one will do a thing about it, another small part of our history and culture has been removed and in a couple of weeks time no one will care.

    I am an expat now but standing outside and looking in make me sad to see what has happened and is still happening to the country and knowing that there is nothing I can do about it. Its a bit like watching a loved relative slide into dementia and terminal illness.
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The £4 a ticket Slough Firework Spectacular will now offer a funfair, trapeze show and an Elvis Presley tribute act instead of the traditional bonfire and burning of Guy Fawkes.

    What? The UK has become a laughing stock.
  3. The entire Guy Fawkes thing has more relevance now than since it's inital inception. Broon take note!!! Not that I'm advocating another gunpowder plot but's tempting :evil:
  4. But surely the trapeze act would contravene health and safety laws, and the Elvis impres, noise pollution?
  5. Guy Fawkes was either a Jesuit or acting on orders from the Jesuits. The Jesuits don't like us burning their effigies.
  6. Maybe he's a dead Elvis impersonator??

    I seem to see a trend and a pattern emerging that any indiginous cultural celebration or ceremony is immediately shut down on the grounds of Health and Safety or Environmental concerns whilst other non indiginous festivals are positively encouraged.

    I just hope this means that there will be no more illegal open air Hindu cremations in England.

    I won't hold my breath though.
  7. You just cant fucking help yourself can you?

    WHY does EVERYTHING have to do with race, perceived injustices of the white majority, or the fact that Britain is going to hell in a handcart because of "immigrunts".

    GROW UP!

    If everything is as bad as you say stop bleating about it on the internet, go out, buy a ticket and stand for election on the policies you espouse so ineloquently on here.

    At least my one track mind keeps me entertained! Yours just appears to make you bitter!

  8. You mean Dead Ringer for Elvis :roll:
  9. You'll need to!

    Its funny what gets the militant lefts goat. Three years ago and the greatest threat to global civilisation, stability, peace, yah, yah, yah was George Bush and the 'War for Oil'. Now its Heathrow Airport.
    The eco left, who are made up of lots of old school marxists who cut there teeth protesting against the coal mines shutting down have gone all quite over using coal...because its a pollutant. So theyve given up on their one true cause (the miners) in order to have a go at The US, Coke, McDonalds whoever, via the Body Shop coalition of nut jobs...
    Hypocrasy ranks with those feminists and commies who cant bring themselves around to condeming militant islam and still think Che Guevara was a man of freedom and tolerance...
    It is, as ever, just lashing out at whatever is a right on issue of the day when they certainly cant get their own house in order.
  10. But in another thread this morning you said arrse "is somewhere to let off steam and say what you mean"
    That's what the cad is doing.
  11. I am going to burn a guy in my back garden, and to ensure that all ethnicities are represented it will be a muslim this year (last year it was a Jew, the year before it was a white).
  12. Well i reckon the Cad has a point...

  13. Yeah and I never even mentioned the fact that it is an Asian Elvis impersonator. :twisted:

    Mind you at least one of the local organizers has the right spirit.

  14. In addition,York Fireworks (Video sorry), was mentioned on the radio news this morning.

    "Guy Fake's home town of York will be without its largest public fireworks display this year after the council turned down an application for a safety certificate."

    The BBC got the name wrong not me

  15. Tends to be Sikh cremations that fall foul of the law. Still, I suppose they all look the same to you, Cad?