Here we go again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Nov 3, 2005.

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  1. E Africa army build-up alarms UN
  2. Oh SH1T!!!!!!!
  3. Yep , stand by .....
  4. If there isnt oil there count the US out ! :lol:
  5. erm worried, not.

    2 tin-pot armies scrapping over a piece of sh!t border with no valuable resources...UK/US PLC currently engaged on more lucrative deals.

    However pressure from the left may force our hand to prove that we really are a force for good!

    PS, Just why are we going back into the 'Ghan it now considered to be a global threat?
  6. On the face of , why be worried?

    Until you think about where Eritrea and Ethiopia are in relation to the Red Sea and certain quite important shipping routes.

    Anyway , stop worrying , it's not like we were taken by surprise by this turn of events, we do have sufficient intelligence assets keeping us advised , they're not all tasked to covering countries the Americans are paranoid about/busy de-stabilising.........

    ......or maybe not
  7. Bring it on, haven't had a suntan since Telic 1 :p
  8. Yeah nothing better than a body armour and helmet shaped suntan..... :wink:

  9. eeeeehhhh, you were one of the lucky ones, body armour, body armour you say, i remember in my day we never had any body armour, or bullets and we got fed sh!te for 2 months, then ORP menu c for 2 had it easy...we used get up before we went to bed etc etc
  10. Hey, I slept on hot gravel too you know.....
  11. Hmmm, standby standby.......

    Oh well, at least from my point of view - more money needed in the defence sector is always a good thing - and more nasty forign alcohol!!!!

  12. Well, let's see...

    PM going through a rocky patch at home, needs a distraction...

    Tinpot African nations about to kick off... tree hugging Guardianistas in the Meejah no doubt will say something "Must be done"...

    I'll get me smock.