Here we go again

E Africa army build-up alarms UN

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan says he is very concerned about reports that Ethiopia and Eritrea have moved troops closer to their common border.
Mr Annan called on both sides to exercise maximum restraint.

Last month, Eritrea banned UN peacekeeping helicopters from its air space and restricted troop movements.

UN peacekeepers patrol the border under the terms of a 2000 peace agreement that followed a two-year border war between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

'Grave situation'

Mr Annan called on both sides to immediately stop any action that could be misinterpreted or could jeopardise security arrangements agreed in their peace plan.
Yep , stand by .....
erm worried, not.

2 tin-pot armies scrapping over a piece of sh!t border with no valuable resources...UK/US PLC currently engaged on more lucrative deals.

However pressure from the left may force our hand to prove that we really are a force for good!

PS, Just why are we going back into the 'Ghan it now considered to be a global threat?
On the face of , why be worried?

Until you think about where Eritrea and Ethiopia are in relation to the Red Sea and certain quite important shipping routes.

Anyway , stop worrying , it's not like we were taken by surprise by this turn of events, we do have sufficient intelligence assets keeping us advised , they're not all tasked to covering countries the Americans are paranoid about/busy de-stabilising.........

Still Current at: 3 November 2005
Updated: 8 August 2005


Still Current at: 3 November 2005
Updated: 8 August 2005

This advice has been reviewed and reissued with amendments to the Summary, Local Travel and Entry Requirements. The overall level of the advice has not changed.


We advise against all travel to the border areas with Ethiopia and Sudan. This advice includes Tesseney, near the Sudan border. We also advise against travel in the area north of Afabet in the Sahel region and along one road in the west of the country (See Local Travel Section below for details).

You should be aware that there is a continuing threat to Western, including British, targets from terrorism in Eritrea as there is in other countries in East Africa and the Horn.

You should be aware that travel restrictions may limit our ability to offer immediate consular assistance outside Asmara, Keren, Dekemhare, Mendeferra and Massawa.

You should be aware that travel options to and from Asmara are limited following the cancellation of scheduled flights between Asmara and Nairobi.

We strongly recommend that you obtain comprehensive travel and medical insurance before travelling.
......or maybe not
TheHelpfulStacker said:
biscuits said:
Bring it on, haven't had a suntan since Telic 1 :p
body armour

eeeeehhhh, you were one of the lucky ones, body armour, body armour you say, i remember in my day we never had any body armour, or bullets and we got fed sh!te for 2 months, then ORP menu c for 2 had it easy...we used get up before we went to bed etc etc
Hmmm, standby standby.......

Oh well, at least from my point of view - more money needed in the defence sector is always a good thing - and more nasty forign alcohol!!!!

Well, let's see...

PM going through a rocky patch at home, needs a distraction...

Tinpot African nations about to kick off... tree hugging Guardianistas in the Meejah no doubt will say something "Must be done"...

I'll get me smock.

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