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here we go again....

The Inerweb is EVIL!

(NOTE: I saw this on the ITN news, who where jumping on the "It's all the Internets fault" bandwagon, not the rather Unbiased peice in the link above.)

[Biased rant] Maybe, just maybe, it's partly due to the fact you haven't put a content filter on her PC, and maybe if you where paying more attention to her and not your job then she wouldn't have killed herself! [/Biased rant]


It’s far too easy to blame unpleasant events on the internet, TV, movies, computer games, etc.

It’s probably fair to say that teenage girls don’t commit suicide because someone in a chat room said it might be a good idea…
She'd hardly had a normal life of late had she, four months in the outback filming a reality TV. Families that go off to do that sort of thing usually have a smack of disfunctionality about them, a more realistic contributory factor perhaps?

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