Here we go again...

Perhaps this would be better placed on the Sigs Board, but it affects us all, so here goes...deep breaths advised.

From MoD News:

Army Commanders to get new High-Tech Battlefield Network

A high-tech British company has been put in pole position to win a £180M contract for a new air-portable communications network for the Army.

BAE Systems Insyte division, based at Christchurch in Dorset, was named on 5 July 2005 as preferred bidder for Project Falcon, which is designed to equip senior commanders with the most advanced and powerful network for controlling combat operations at corps, divisional and brigade level. Defence Procurement Minister Lord Drayson said:

"Detailed negotiations will now take place with BAE Systems Insyte before we are in a position to take a final decision on awarding a contract.

"We envisage Falcon as a key part of the network-enabled operations that will help clear the fog of war and ensure the British Army dominates the battlefields of the future. Our studies have shown that better and faster use of combat information will give our Forces a major advantage over any likely opponents.

"Falcon, together with the Bowman tactical communications system and the Cormorant command system - now in service with British Forces - will give our Forces that crucial advantage.

"Falcon will underpin British Industry's position at the forefront of communications technology worldwide. Subject to successful contract negotiations with the company it will create or sustain hundreds of jobs in Christchurch and across the UK."

Falcon will have more than 50 times the data throughput capacity of the systems it replaces. It will provide a huge leap in the capability of the Army's communications network and reduce the number of Royal Signals vehicles and personnel needed to support a major headquarters.

FALCON will provide the battlefield communications infrastructure to support the Army's command systems. The Bowman tactical system will feed information seamlessly into Falcon, which will link back to UK headquarters in real time using the Skynet 5 satellite communications system.

The Falcon network will permit transmission of large amounts of data, including real time video, between Army Headquarters. Falcon will be deployed to and operated by Royal Signals Units and will allow significant operator reductions over the existing Ptarmigan system.

Falcon will replace a range of in-service systems such as Ptarmigan, Euromux, the RAF Transportable Telecommunications System and Deployed Local Area Network (RTTS/DLAN).

The Falcon project is managed by the Theatre and Formation Communication Systems project team, based at the Defence Procurement Agency in Bristol.
For those who can, the link goes here.

Well, it's not news per se, but BAE get the big 'heave ho' from the Bowman project after huge differences in opinion with the MoD and now - shock horror! they are brought back into the fold with Project Falcon. Dare I assume that lots of senior MoD types were getting worried that the fatted calf of cushy 'consultant' appointments in the UK was getting a little thin, especially with BAE's recent sucesses in the US?

Shurely not!! :D
I smell a wiff of cut and paste.

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