Here we go again

I don't see The Mail but I read the story somewhere.

I thought all this crap was going to be swept away when we rid ourselves of the harpy Harman and the failed oaf Brown!

Cameron - get a bloody grip, otherwise this country will not only become genuine province of the European Soviet Union, it will be a province led by the crazed and unblinking lunatic Balls!!!
Our steets are oddly empty of protesters shimfing about this sort of freeloading crap and shyster lawyers, whats needed is a demo a'la Tunisia and Cairo and oust our slack arsed gumint and the worthless mountebanks who work their dribbly ways, I,ve still got my best boots and I,m happy to wear them to join with a crowd.
Lying illegal immigrant who committed a string of crimes set to receive thousands in compensation for being 'falsely imprisoned' | Mail Online

Okay I know it's the Wail. but for Gods sake, he lied 4 times about where he came from, now he gets a handout and as they "See no reasonable chance of deportation". probably permission to stay.

I am beginning to give up with this country, much as it pains me to say that.


It all so says an awful lot about the ludicrous state of our law, when someone who have proved to be an habitual liar & criminal is deemed by the wimpy judge, who seems to be typical of most of our pc, left leaning, apologist establishment, to have been unlawfully held whilst further investigations were still going on to try & establish where he was from! Meanwhile yet more lawyers are misusing our taxes on aiding this scrote and he is probably getting loads of benefits to help him get over his traumatic experience!
FFS when is our establishment going to realise this guy & millions like him are just taking the piss out of us & screwing every penny they can out of our system!
The criminal should have been sent to Libya & dropped off for Ghaddafi to sort out!
He is a liar, He cannot be trusted as he has proved.
So HOW is his detention illegal?
If the police think I am going to do a runner, or my "information" does not match the car I am driving etc, I will be held "pending further enquiries".
So where is this Caring Understanding Nineties Type any bloody different.
I am beginning to think I MUST be missing something here as this just cannot be right.
Am I going mad.

(Replies on a postcard please...:) )

(Sorry been cut off from "private email" so delay in replying.)

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