Here is the real problem

The Army has starved of cash by Gordon Brown for years.

He has not changed. As predicted by many, this control freakery is just getting worse now he is PM. He is now down in the bunker, listening to an ever smaller circle of slimeballs and trying to run everything by remote control.

Gordon Brown the master ventriloquist
Ministers and civil service mandarins are increasingly alarmed by the prime minister’s tendency to be a ‘control freak’.

A rising note of panic surrounds Number 10

The atmosphere now is transformed, with talk that the Prime Minister is struggling to make decisions. Authoritative reports are emerging from Whitehall of profound unhappiness on the part of the Permanent Secretaries, the most senior civil servants who run the departments over which cabinet ministers preside. It is said that the Number 10 machine under Brown is so secretive, hard to read and difficult to communicate with that many ministers and officials are exasperated.
Everyone reaches his level of incompetence, Broon exceeded his when he left his special needs school as a child.
Wanting is not the same as Having

He wanted the Job but is found not up to it, he does not have the Charisma for it, Tony Bliar for his fault did at least have the personality to carry off the job otherwise he wouldn't have been in Government for 10 years, as to Gordon Broon, he knows he will now lose the next election, since then its been panic stations every day for him, he is risk adverse and micro manage his Cabinet stifling initiative.

I feel Cameron may win the next one and he doing quite well at puttting GB on the back foot at nearly every opportunity, Cameron is now more confident and (possibly) getting together the polices that people REALLY want, as his rousing speech days before the Election that never was, I think the prospect of Political defeat concentrated his mind rather wonderfully, this moment of clarity is really what turned the Election campaign round and did it for Broon.
We will probably find that Cameron is another "sound bite" politician. I have seen little of him that would make me change my mind so far.
Election, now? Anyone for a vote of no confidence?

Suppose we're going to lurch under GB's lack of inertia from one minor crisis to another, with the machine of government even less decisive than before.

His disregard for the military is breathtaking, given that we are operating in excess of our planning (and therefore budgetary) assumptions, for 4 years now.
Another quote from the Telegraph article:-

A "Shakespearean tragedy" is unfolding, muttered a Labour backbencher darkly. "You just know how this one is going to end. And it is such a shame as he's much the better man than Blair".
Comments like that really do show the contempt in which the public are held by politicians.

When a Shakespearean tragedy is finished, you walk out of the theatre and leave it all behind. When they are eventually booted out, Broon and his cabinet will be able to walk away from the mess they have created and leave it all behind. They'll take up well paid directorships or retire on their gold plated MPs pensions to write memoirs, join the lecture circuit or work in a university.

I was speaking to a friend who is Doctor recently. Along with many of his colleagues, he's of the opinion that Broon is quite significantly mentally ill. He shows symptoms of a number of personality disorders as well as acute paranoia and more than a touch of autism. There's also widespread speculation that he's had a nervous breakdown since taking office.

Comparisons with Hitler's last days in the bunker, when his country was destroyed and he was giving orders to non-existent regiments, aren't funny any more.

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