Here Is The News - Gulp !

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gunny Highway, Dec 11, 2002.

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  1. The man is more dangerous than Saddam, someone lock him up before someone gets hurt.

    Knock the Pis8 & wind out of him hes a two foot man, better suited to a role as an ewok in star wars.
  2. This man needs a Psyc-Eval soonest, he's not fit to run a bath, never mind the most powerful democracy on the planet.

    Saddam has always been aware of the consequences of using WMD against allied forces. He's been told enough times by GB snr, Clinton, Cheney et al.

    "If one of our guys even catches a cold we can trace back to you, then we'll turn you into a self-illuminating glass covered car park"

    There was absolutely no need to "scaremonger" on this issue. The man is barking, and I think Bluppet realised that some time ago.

    Why do you think we're being the voice of reason?
  3. I think the world is on the brink....... I wish I hadn't sold my NBC stuff when I left  :'(  
  4. Am now thinking of hiring a caravan in the remotest part of the highlands and stocking it with everything i could need.......must look on ebay to see if i can actually get an NBC suit that
    1. Fits
    2. Is new and not washed out
    3. Comes with all the right accessories

  5. I had one up for sale two days ago for £25 its just gone up to £3000 ;D
  6. Carpet bagger! :eek:
    Profiteer! ::)

    need a business partner?
    I have contacts with slimming products and accomodation skills....
  7. I told yers.......... Prepare, It's VERY close.........
  8. The threat of a nuclear response to a bio-chemical attack isn't new.  Before the kick off of Desert Storm Iraq was warned that America would send their country "back to the pre-industrial age in a way that would take centuries to recover from" should they use bio-chems.  According to some studies into the Persian Gulf War that I've read a good percentage of America's nuclear attack/missile subs were sat around Iraq that night along with the command and control aircraft orbiting with the instruction book open at page 2.
  9. I'm like a repeating record...... I told you so !!  Anyone got any spare NBC stuff?

    Quote: 'Earlier on Friday, Pyongyang warned that the US was heading for an "extremely dangerous confrontation", after Washington said it would not enter into dialogue "in response to threats".
  10. I'm sick of this

    Where's the lunatic lone gunman or 3 when you really need one?

    Bluppets got his eye off the ball. It's time for him to grow a pair, and remind the Muppet in Casa Blanca, that the best armed forces in the world, are itching to get stuck into terrorists and people trying to do UK PLC harm, NOT making sure  his oil buddies and election financiers get a nice dividend.

    This country is sick. I watched petrol prices zoom up by 5p a litre over Crimbo, as the greedy little children of Thatcher got stuck in. Fcuking oil company bastards, at the end of the day, they're the ones behind this.

    I joined to fight Marges ENEMIES, wherever they are, and I'm happy to go and do that. I am fcuked, if I want to go and fight Dubyas shitty little crusade .

    Now stick a proper fcuking enemy in my SUSAT , and by that I mean, any bastard who wants to hurt me and mine.
  11. Like my sig says:
  12. Amen to that Brother Eagle....

    Wonder why the spammies ain't so keen to have a pop at the North Koreans?

    Is it because they have a proven history of putting up a proper row, against all invaders since the middle ages?

    Just about to go kick some arrse on the other(American) means, usual collection of morons , thinking the sun rises and sets in Dubyas pants....
  13. Why?.......Because they know they'd get a shoeing......[​IMG]

    The Septics only pick fights with people they know they can overwhelm easily....make's 'em look tough. ::)

    ......not the case with N. Korea (with the inevitable involvement of China & Co).......
  14. Eagle, glad you said that.  Were I work, no one wants to talk about the possibility of a nuclear conflict, because the thought scares the pants off them.  I mention the fact that if a conflict starts between America and North Korea, America and the world should worry more about what China will do.  Yeah, N Korea will give as good as it gets, but my own belief is that China must be itching to give the Americans a good kicking.

    Hopefully I’m not scare mongering here, but another belief I hold is, that Mankind just can’t go for more then (around) 50 years at a time without having a major conflict in which 1000’s are killed.  Surely we’re due this?  We have the 'usually one' every ten years or so (GW1, Falklands, Vietnam, Korea, WW1 & WW2).  9/11 is the start of the slow build up towards a major conflict.  

    Constructive thoughts please.  I know many of you have had enough of what is going on in the world, but it’s not going to go away.