Here Cums Da Judge!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Sep 1, 2010.

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  1. Dunno about her, but I love the way Judge Judy gets excited at times and bobs up and down and rocks from side to side.
    Ooooh cripes! I just love the young 'uns.
  2. Wot no piccies?
  3. Only piccies I have seen are in her silk robes. You have to imagine what is under those robes. There might not be much under there. I wonder if a prisoner is brought in shackled if it excites her. Perhaps a conference in her chambers.

    Sort of like Bill Clinton in the Oral Office
  4. Do you think I visit ARRSE to use my imagination, what ever that is..................
  5. I have the suspicion that this may turn out to be a black male case.
  6. So the guy was black?
  7. Well, it's evidently not to read the links...
  8. I did read the link marked "Nude Photos of Judge" it was just words and a fitish looking bird in clothes far below what I expect of the NAAFI B- must try harder:-D
  9. Must admit, I only persevered with the words 'cos I was looking for a link to additional photos.

    (to save you re-reading it, it says that the photos were removed, so no link)
  10. ok, lets imagine...............................

    cherie blair in a boustiere, oh yea! and and she's walking up to the guillotine and has a bag over her head.

    now that's imagination
  11. would you if Judge Cherry bobbed up and down and got excited.... only wearing a high cut waisted and low bodiced see through Teddy......
  12. Close enough for you? Can't say she does it for me.

  13. Kin ell I'm trying to eat my wheaties, no wonder he turned to drink