Here Cums Da Judge!

Dunno about her, but I love the way Judge Judy gets excited at times and bobs up and down and rocks from side to side.
Ooooh cripes! I just love the young 'uns.
Only piccies I have seen are in her silk robes. You have to imagine what is under those robes. There might not be much under there. I wonder if a prisoner is brought in shackled if it excites her. Perhaps a conference in her chambers.

Sort of like Bill Clinton in the Oral Office
I have the suspicion that this may turn out to be a black male case.
I did read the link marked "Nude Photos of Judge" it was just words and a fitish looking bird in clothes far below what I expect of the NAAFI B- must try harder:-D
Must admit, I only persevered with the words 'cos I was looking for a link to additional photos.

(to save you re-reading it, it says that the photos were removed, so no link)
ok, lets imagine...............................

cherie blair in a boustiere, oh yea! and and she's walking up to the guillotine and has a bag over her head.

now that's imagination
would you if Judge Cherry bobbed up and down and got excited.... only wearing a high cut waisted and low bodiced see through Teddy......
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