Here comes the Judge..4 life sentences!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by midnight, May 2, 2006.

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  1. Didn´t believe my eyes,but there´s a link!

    I´d become dissolusioned when reading of aquitals, because they couldn´t distinguish just which kick too some poor devils head actually killed him!

    Just hope that an Army of Human-Rights Lawyers aren´t waiting for the start whistle.
  2. They were all involved, they all deserved it, (In my opinion that is) I'm only upset that they will have to serve a minimum of 15 years. I'd be happy to see it longer.
  3. Only 15 years. I'd keep them locked up until they die. The last paragraph sums it up. These 4 are oxygen thieves of the highest order who require some 9mm rehabilitation!
  4. Hang/Shoot/Gas/Garrotte/Burn the bast&rds............bugger, wrong century. :(
  5. Couldn't agree more - Highly publicise a few cases to get the point across and the deterrent effect will stick fast!
  6. What a suprise that they are all immigrants.

  7. Id be interested to know a) if they were indeed immigrants (illegal or otherwise). b) If any of them had been in trouble with the law before hand. c) If any of them had been considered for deportation.
  8. deport them! oh they are all probably british passport holders!
  9. You stand more change of getting an ice cream in hell than deporting these b&stards........human rights lawyers would be all over it like a rash!
  10. Jesus, one minute we're all beating up the (seemingly tiny) Arrse BNP lobby and the next it's "Send the buggers back". Can we make up our bloody minds?
  11. No, that's what happens in an uncivilised and under-developed country. We on the other hand have risen above the simplistic approach of 'an eye for an eye'. We have a justice system to deal with crime and punishment (although it does seem to be increasingly weak) that removes any connotations of revenge.
  12. Sure - and that kind of mob attack is what you would expect in an uncivilised and under-developed country. So Shaka had a point.

    Without even going anywhere near whether those four originated in a civilised and developed country...
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Nope, wrong country.
  14. I am not saying that this applies only to immigrants ayslum seekers etc. Anyone irrespective of race colour nationality etc who commits a serious crime should face serious punishment. Until we do have punishments to fit the crime thugs bullies and the like will continue give two fingers to the system.