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Here comes a genocide in somalia.

So we need to get it soughted.
You know the old routine, Britain steps in just like in the good old days.
Right anyway so we need more troops..-err.
well we could get some from...-erm.
No there must be some around.....err.
Has anyone seen our priminister...?
Ok then...erm
maybe he could- erm look into this..before..erm
Ok then see ya.
Nah don't be daft. We (including the rest of the world) will stay away until it's all finished then indulge in some hand-wringing and lots of "this must never be allowed to happen again" like Rwanda. Hooray for global politics.


Book Reviewer
Can't see the septics wanting to go back in to Somalia
They already had their fingers burnt there once
Besides whats Somalia got that we need?
I believe the global community will respond swiftly, as it did in the cases of:

The Nanjing Massacre

and several other wonderous successes... :cry:

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