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Here come the cavalry

Oh for god's sake!

I don't know Sven, I don't have access to private discussions between our leaders

I don't have a source or reference for that either.

I was only speculating in a light hearted manner.

I am sure you have some source to prove our honourable and rightous leader has or has not got any plans.

Do tell?
If the Gobment were not intending to send more to Afhgan, would they be withdrawing from Iraq? Personally, i doubt it.

Just to be absolutely clear - I was having a dig, but not at the MoD.

It is the politicians who have constantly denied planning troop increases and then sneaking the announcements out via the back-door when it is politically expedient to do so.

Don't try to infer I am criticising or undermining any part of the Armed Forces. Criticising politicians is not the same as same as criticising the MoD, as you well know.
Proof at last that 'we' are winning in Afghanistan...

On Tuesday, the UN said that 2,118 civilians were killed in the conflict in 2008 - an increase of 39% from 2007.

Militants were to blame for 55% of the deaths, while US, Nato and Afghan forces were responsible for 39%, the UN said.
Sven said:
Herrumph said:
Can we start a sweepstake on when/what we have to reciprocate with.

I bid 10 days and 1.5K troops.
Has reciprocation been demanded of the UK?
Yes, umpteen times. Moreover, UK has joined the bandwagon in demanding other NATO members also reciprocate too.

Where have you been the last 3 years Sven, asleep?

Yes Gordon?

Can I have some more soldiers please?

Well it is difficult but I might manage a company group (plus) of traffic wardens, the Third Independent Combat Blanket Unit and a troop of Rainbow Guides...

Top hole! Hello Osama...just thought you would like to know we are matching you reciprocally! Speak to Tony? No he doesn't work here anymore...
I am astonished that anyone is riled by and considers responding to the lame-brain 'Sven'. Amazing!

Ditto to his political allies: 'ashie' and 'parapuke'.


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lsquared said:
I am astonished that anyone is riled by and considers responding to the lame-brain 'Sven'. Amazing!

Ditto to his political allies: 'ashie' and 'parapuke'.
Hello Kettle, this is Pot, you are black, over...

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