Here are some important facts about the Conservative Party

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cpl_ripper, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. I got this in an E-flyer from the lab party, Some light hearted relife from this tiresome and rather dull election

    Today's blame culture is all their fault.
    When they abolish the Winter Fuel Allowance and free TV licences, pensioners will be expected to burn their tellies to keep warm.
    Crime went up under the Tories (not surprising when you look at all the senior Tories like Archer and Aitken who ended up in prison).
    When Michael Howard last faced a leadership election he came fifth. There were five candidates.

    Yes when they last had the chance to vote for him, the people who know him best decided that he was:

    less appealing than John Redwood
    less of a fresh face than Kenneth Clarke
    less moderate than Peter Lilley
    and less likely to win an election than William Hague.

  2. He was also the last Home Secretary to get the crime figures to drop without fiddling the figures!
  3. And New Labliar say the Conservatives are getting personal :roll:

    This lot take politics to new depths :evil:
  4. Thanks ripper, we needed a larf!

    What labour will do to hold on to power.

    Im sure if they could, they would say he drinks blood :D
  5. I'm fed up of all the "Cuts [i.e. increase in spending but less than us] equivalent to 23,000 teachers [as if all the money would be spent on teachers], or equivalent to 64,000 nurses [count the money again & pretend it'll all be spent on nurses], or equivalent to scrapping the winter fuel allowance [counting the money again & then pretending, nay, lying that they'd do that] etc etc etc."

    It's just lies, the whole thing, and I'm sick of it. :evil:
  6. Or suggest that he is a modern day Shylock....
  7. What size would you like your cynic's hat sir? Small, medium or large? :D
  8. am I alone in finding the energy and passion expended by so many
    arrs-ites in anti-"neu arbeit" mode as a tad naiive ??

    you youngsters will hardly remember how cr@p it was last time we had a tory government. A string of underwhelming Defence Secs (eg Portillo ??????) and some horrendous cuts which left the CR2fleet without engines and lifelong enemies in the Inf facing amalgamation (plus ca change !)

    A new gov of any colour will still be under the same pressures to save money and use Mil forces around the world to "punch above our weight" attempting to safeguard things like our seat on UNSC

    This is not a party political point. We have been shafted and (probably) lied to by this latest gov but there is no reason that I can see that we will not be shafted by the next - whoever wins.

    We should save our energy and effort on the things we can do something about eg training standards, leading and managing soldiers etc etc
  9. I think it's just that we've NEVER had a government that is so full of itself, even Maggie wasn't as bad as this present lying clown.
  10. Mate, i realise like you do, that most politicians would sell their gran down the river for a seat in parliment, but the reason that a lot of us on here detest labour is that never before has one single govt acted in such a self-centred, truth averse, spin-centred and underhanded way. Whilst we know that governments of the past and most likely govts of the future did and will lie tou us, we are SO tired of the incesantly bad management of our country that we are willing to give almost anyone another chance. they cant do much worse than the current lot.

    I will leave the others to highlight specific points to back up our arguments.



  11. No you're not - I've given up with trying to tell them. As this is the ARMY rumour service - I think that people were not serving during those years or have never served (and live overseas) They don't remember the sheer crapiness of trying to do the job whilst the Tories pulled the rug out from under our feet (Options for Change (which led to soldiers being given redundacy notices whilst serving in the Balkans - and binning my unit whilst we were deployed on Gulf 1), Front Line First, selling off half the Fleet just before the Argies started kicking up over the Falklands, flogging the RAF's Tornados to the Saudi's whist they were still being built, British Kit First - which left us with the SA-80 etc - I could go on. Then we have the MQ's being flogged to a Japanese Bank.

    The ONLY thing that the Tories gave me in the Eighties when serving full time was a decent pay rise.

    Politics makes strange bedfellows. I'm amazed people are considering voting for the SNP and some of the other smaller parties who have impeccable credentials in the anti military, anti nuclear area - to try and save Regiments.

    Every party will shaft us. They are all cnuts

    Agreed, they are all cnuts, but the Torys can't be as evil as BLiars mob.
  13. NO !!!!!!

    did you vote in 97 ? we seem to have quickly forgotten (and no arr-chive-s to remind us) that many then voted "neu arbeit" because "Things could only get better"

    and they didn't

    don't waste your time. Govts (any colour) undervalue the military. Outside of war - threatening national security type war - they will always shaft us. Hence Wellington's infamous letter to the bean counters " I can account for my saddles or beat the Spanish. Please let me know which you would prefer " and Rudyard Kipling's poetry.

    The only difference this time is that the style and manner of the shafting is (apparently) more distasteful to you. The bald facts are that the electorate are more interested in the economy, education, health and their standard of living than with us. That their view may be influenced by spin, lies or propaganda may be unwelcome and unpleasant to you but do you really think a new Govt will eschew these proven and effective techniques to gain and maintain power ? You could argue that those parties which have decided to try and maintain the moral high ground have failed to gain popularity precisely because they have not used these tactics !

    I will vote on the day because failing to vote further undermines the govts credibility. But there will still be amalgamations, Defence Secs who see the post as a stepping stone to higher office, shaftings etc. I am amazed that otherwise enlightened arrse-ites cannot see this
  14. So what are we supposed to do?

    Just sit back and enjoy the ride with mein fuhrer at the wheel?

    I am sick of the current lots so i intend to vote them out and give another lot a chance. Should they perform as badly or worse, guess what i will do?

    Vote them out!

    it's called democracy...

    PS, in case you need reminding of exactly HOW bad labour are, have a look here.

    Labour sleaze database