Hercules Safety Campaign; For the crew of XV179

This note is cut and pasted from the website set up to promote the PETITION to get Des Brown and the MOD to Install explosive-suppressant foam devices in the ENTIRE Hercules fleet NOW.


Please add your name and weight to this today.

"In January 2005 10 lives were lost when a RAF Hercules transporter plane was brought down by ground fire in northern Iraq.
It has emerged that a safety system that could have prevented the crash was not installed.

Our previous defence secretary John Reid gave permission for
explosive suppressant technology to be fitted to some of our Hercules transport planes at some point in the future. He has not made this incomplete decision in an acceptable timeframe as the report that recommended the implementation of this safety system suggested it six months ago, as a matter of urgency.

It has taken a vast amount of campaigning from aircrew and relatives of the crew of XV179. This has been done to add pressure and send out the call for the foam inertion system. It is not enough that suppressant technology is to be fitted to some of the Hercules aircraft at some point. It must be fitted to all the fleet with immediate effect.

The men and women of the British armed forces are not expendable assets who have forfeited their right to life because they chose to take the queens shilling. It is therefore, not acceptable to deny them any duty of care from the government, especially based on no other reasonable factor other than cost.

The Americans have had this technology fitted since the sixties and the Australians have followed their lead and actioned the fitting of foam suppressant to avoid any loss of life and aircraft alike. Are the lives of our service personnel worth less than their coalition counterparts?
Our armed forces accept that they are to take risks but not unacceptable risks.

We call on you to initiate fleet wide fitting of suppressant technology now.

Sarah Chapman, sister of Bob O'Connor, died in Iraq January 2005"


Thanks for that, showman. I thought this installation was already a done deal. Anyway, I've signed the petition.

its not a done deal for the whole fleet, so far its only a committment to do SOME, needless to say the next one hit by a tracer round will be the one your sat in the back off


showman00 said:
its not a done deal for the whole fleet, so far its only a committment to do SOME, needless to say the next one hit by a tracer round will be the one your sat in the back off
Done-good one
So far only ONE Herc has been fitted with this system according to a detailed report on Channel 4 news last month.
That means ALL of the hercs flying around in Afghanistan and Iraq can still be brought down by ground fire.
I think it has been posted now because the petition is being handed in to No 10 next week and this is a last chance to sign. About 2/3rds of the fleet will hopefully, get foam, but there is a concerted effort to get all of the fleet fitted. The Defence Committee and Opposition have called for the whole fleet to get fitted with foam. Every single US Herc has this stuff on board, so it is a worthy cause. If you have a look at the petition list, some very senior officers (rtd) have signed!
Sven said:
I thought that some company in Cambridge was beavering away at this as we speak???
There has been an increase in C130 traffic coming into Cambridge Airport... However I wouldnt call it a 'rush' of traffic!
This topic has been done before but thanks for the link - have signed the petition. I mean - it's not fcuking difficult is it?

Step 1 - Buy suppressant system.

Step 2 - Fit it.

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