Hercs on Channel 4 News

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Older_by_the_day, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. Leading story on channel 4 news right now.

    Despite the MOD saying that the fleet of hercs would be fitted with the new fire fighting equipment after the herc was downed in Iraq and another caught fire, only one has been upgraded.

    Typing really fast so sorry if this makes no sense!
  2. What doesn't make sense is why this hasn't been done. Essentially the aircraft cannot be refitted because operation tempo would be degraded if they were withdrawn for refit. It is a disgrace but are you surprised? Unfortunately I'm not,
  3. Didnt trick the Def Min to come on about another unrelated article like they did with JR this time tho'!
    Get it fitted, simple.
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I would't be suprised that,because of manpower shortages (on ops,PVRing ect) on the Airframe technician side of things,that the 'upgrades' will be done when the Herky goes in for first line maintainance.
    That's the way most mods are done to things in the RAF,Unless it's a critical modification.
  5. A private company in Cambridge has the contract to do it, the Ch4 News article showed 4 or 5 Hercy birds in their hangers for refitting
  6. The MODs statement was complete politico waffle as well.

    Don't answer the question you were asked, answer the question you would like to be asked.

    They'r blaming operational commitments for the delay.

    Haven't got the report up on C4 news yet though.
  7. Channek 4 news usually post a link through their website. If you missed it being broadcast should be available for viewing soon.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Ah,There's your answer then.Probably knock off at 5pm & no weekends.Unlike the RAF M.U's who work shifts.
  9. The foam issue was known about for decades. Despite this, foam was not fitted. Despite the loss of two aircraft (one with all crew) only one airframe has since been fitted and this is sat safely in the UK.

    Withdrawing the aircraft from service in Afghanistan will affect operational tempo. Tough. The fleet should be grounded or restricted to ops in a benign environment (hmm...where?!?) until the fitting is complete. Allies can gap-fill - it's not soldiers after all that are being asked for, and US ariframes have the required fit.

    Responsible ministers and civil servants should be in the dock for criminal negligence. :evil:
  10. That would be Marshalls. They've had UK Design Auth for Fat Albert for years. They did the stretched Herc. Always something interesting on the tarmac when I go past.
  11. Have a word folks, the fire supressant system doesn't stop the fall of 800 ft after being hit by small arms fire or worse. We whine about not getting enough kit into theatre, or even getting R&R, and you want the aircraft withdrawn because it might catch fire!

    It would be nice if it was fitted, the same as going out on patrol in a CII or not leaving our fair shores!

    Yes it's a pain in the arse, and it should be fitted, but only as and when the frames go in for second/thrid line servicing.
  12. Hate to say it, but this one has just a hint of Biggles posturing about it. How many lives have we lost to fire in Hercs in theatre so far? errrr, zero...

    As aes69 points out, risk/benefit calculations are what being in the military are all about. Fire suppressant foam would undoubtedly make Hercs safer, to a degree - but I'd rather see the money spent on a fit for purpose APC, or a working radio, or hiring some more helos...

    I well remember ground crew in the Falklands (who might be outdoors 1 hour in 24) being first in line for goretex waterproofs, while infantry patrolling in the cuds had the old style 'water-absorbent' waterproofs - because, don't you see, old boy, it's a flight safety issue - poor chaps must be able to concentrate fully on their job...

    When the Army start agitating, I'll believe we need it... Until then, if the RAF want safer hercs, they can sell one of their future Typhoons - that'll pay for the entire fleet to be improved beyond their wildest dreams.... They can even have ashtrays in the cockpit...
  13. Don't suppose You can pop in and te3ll em to move their arses on this one
  14. I thought it was a superb news report.