Hercs can land on carriers.

Yeah, but that was one of the yank 'real' Aircraft Carriers and not one of our 20,000 ton Carrierette's (Through Deck Cruiser to give them their real title). Imagine trying this on the present Ark Royal - "What do you mean it just powered straight down the deck, clipped its right wing tip off and fell into the sea?" ;)
Point taken but I would still need to change my pants after seeing it or even experiencing it.
In mid-70's El Centro, their airfield had a painted 'deck' which the Brit 47 S/F crews regularly landed a C-130 on. Yes I know the psychology of doing it on the real deal is another matter. I did participate in 'calling in' a C-130 on a strip landing on a motor way albeit under construction in Germany. That was exciting.


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Urnban myth perhaps but someone once pointed one of those involved at a pi$$ up in Cyprus
60's - 70's RAF Shackleton operating out far east asked to drop some mail for a US carrier
Pilot and crew decide to have a laugh at the Septics expense
Drop flaps and wheels and fly toward back of carrier as if attempting to land
Laughter in cockpit suddenly stops as a Phantom gets pushed over the side to make roon for them
As they fly down the side of the carrier another Phantom topples into the water
Long Long silent flight home for interview sans coffee

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