Discussion in 'Cookery' started by vinniethemanxcat, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. Have you seen those little pots of herbs in the supermarkets?

    Aldi are 59p then it goes through the roof.....

    Basically, they are immature plants, forced in inadequate space.

    Just as an experiment, I bought some cheap (Poundland ) troughs and a big bag of potting compost.

    All you do is dunk the rootball in water to loosen off the compost, gently tease apart the individual plants, then pot on in the troughs, preferably inside at first.

    It's worked well with basil and parsley, got 2 months supply from each pot, and also the "Living lettuce" in places like LIDL, only takes a couple of weeks to bring on a couple of months supply of herbs and lettuce.
  2. On a similar vein, Lurpak are currently giving away thyme and basil dehydrated seed capsules. They come attached to the product.
  3. Bloody hell, just realised I've posted the same thing twice.

    Must put more lemonade with the drinkie poos.
  4. I've got an Attic full of Herbs, my Son looks after 'em and pays half the
    Leccy Bill, he says we'll make a fcuking fortune in three months.

    I can't figure out why any one would want to buy the big smelly
    buggers, still he knows best........Hang on, there's someone at
    the door..........Ah, Good Evening, Constibule.
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  5. You didn't get one of those postal Vietnamese brides did you?
  6. Good thinking, do the same in Carrefour - much cheaper than garden centres. Now have a large raised bed growing over forty different herbs.
  7. Hhmmmf............snigger!
  8. No serious, our neighbour was throwing out an old double divan bed. Husband took the base apart and burnt the squidgy bits then set the frame on the ground using the legs to secure it in place. Simples.......... cheaper than buying and twice the size!!
  9. I bought some of these, but couldn't find any seeds. There was, however, a free biscuit but it tasted bloody awful, even coated with butter.
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  10. can you send me the mattress to sniff.
  11. that's pervert
  12. Twos up.