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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Biscuits_AB, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. Anybody apart from me and NB watching this?

    Didn't I** B****tt and a crew go down there to work in the morturies from Duss?

    I remember that I was on ITICs at Werl when it happened.

    How many HM Forces were killed on that ferry?
  2. I was on it about a week before it sank.
    Strange to say, I recall the doors having chains on them. Funny that.
  3. There were a lot of service families, kids etc on board....Hodge will know as he was part of the team at the Zeebrugge temp morgue. Very disturbing.
  4. I fcuking hope so!
    <goes and looks on the O&B site>

    Hodge is deffo still with us.....and doing well.......his jokes are still shit though :D
  5. Where is the O & B site?

    (I hope I'm wrong, but that's the info I was given)
  6. Spent many an hour on the HoFE before the incident. It always seemed that they treated their passengers as 'human cattle'. Never impressed with the standard of the crew but treated the experience as a neccessary evil when going on leave.
  7. I know there were siggies from Herford on board.

    I'd almost forgotten that part, and the truck drivers restaurant with all day breakfasts at 02.00 with the bloody thing swinging like a cork in a bath, and the passenger deck outside the toilets splashed with puke from all the people who didn't quite make it, and the lounge looking like the gun deck of the Temeraire at Trafalgar with bodies everywhere various colours of puce.

    I think siggies in fact did lose people in HoFE
  8. Likewise. Shoved on in my 'Datsun Squaddie', upstairs fighting my way past the smelly truckers, try to find a seat and head down for a few hours.
  9. I know the RCT movers at Antwerp here heavily involved, I don't think any of them are still serving though.
  10. I'm fortunate, i have been on three ferries, where on the return journey they sank sank/hit the harbour, just call me uncle Albert, if you see me get off a ferry, dont board for the return. The HoFE is one of them :(, i am not taking the p1ss, RIP to the lost.

    Oh i took a flight with the old DanDare, took 4 spirals to land then skipped right to left on the wheels on landing (old chap watched it), ended up at the end of the runway, sliding down the emergency shoot.

    I tend to drive on holidays now!
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Just one comment to make as I have strong ties with TT and the HoFE as well, please remember that 50% of the crew died that night.
  12. You don't tow a caravan do you?
  13. Likewise I was working for one of the companies that suppled equipment for the SOFIE class. (Not the doors I might add).

    Whilst the programme was very good at showing the human side of the accident I felt that it was not good on the technical side, nor did it make any mention of the changes made to design and operation of such ferries since then, rather it left the average potential passenger with the thought that any RORO is an accident waiting to happen, should have looked at the credits to see if it was sponsored by the Channel Tunnel.
  14. Sometimes, it comes down to what makes good TV and the boring 'relevant' stuff gets left out.

    Made you wonder what it would have been like on board that night though.