Her Majesty's WW2 Rack

An image of the, then, Princess Royal, meeting a new batch of Auxiliary Territorial Service personnel, the rows of ribbons were more than I thought she would have accrued by that time (late WW2). Anyone figure them out?

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Interesting range of ethnic diverse ATS gals.
Yep, Eddie does rather well on the gong front.
He however did not qualify for the Dartmoor 10 tors medal or certificate.
Yep, Eddie does rather well on the gong front.

And we all know that if there are no others with any meaning before them - its just meaningless baubles, bangles and beads.

a better, albeit later, view of Mary, Princess Royal’s, rack…
The angle of the shot makes them too obscure to identify.

However, when she was still riding to The Troop, she always wore this representative set:

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L to R:

Member, Imperial Order of The Crown of India
Defence Medal
War Medal - both for service in the ATS
King George V Jubilee Medal (1935)
King George VI Coronation Medal (1937)
Canadian Forces Decoration (older style)
So her medal rack is named India, Turning up, War, Dad, Grandad, Dad and Grandad (x2), Dad.
Interesting range of ethnic diverse ATS gals.
I see she kept her gloves on to shake their hands. The racist.

I'm of course joking but there are those who would seriously argue that point.
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Yep, Eddie does rather well on the gong front.
I don't begrudge him any of them. I understand he is conscientious in his honorary colonel appointments and highly regarded by the units concerned. He showed considerable integrity when he decided to pop smoke on the Marines. He could have coasted - he was never going to be thrown out - but having decided it wasn't for him he left.

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