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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Woodsey, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone send me, direct me to or post up a copy here of: -

    AFCO Form 4 TRHJ Army Soldier Jan 09

    The one in my bundle is too faint to read properly


  2. PM THE_IRON, and send him some choccy biscuits.
  3. Cheers Snail
  4. Yeah tried that mate, it's out of date, the new one can't be googled!! If I get it, I'll stick it up

  5. Why not go to an AFCO and ask for one? Why do you even need one?
  6. How is it out of date? You asked, I gave.

    I tell you what, if you do get a copy of it, please post it, I'd love to join your Army thing.

    IRON - please - come on. Have a word.
  7. PM sent but just ask your Recruiter for a new AFCO 4 as they have been updated from a few months ago 2011 TRHJ Version and print out straight from your own TRHJ profile. Your Recruiter wont mind printing you a new one off if you ask nice enough and if some distance away might even post it to you.
  8. Nice one, cheers to both of you.

    Yeah, sorry snail, they updated the form so the one you linked me to is redundant now, strange really why I can't use it but it's a no :-(

    Cheers for trying though ;-)
  9. Iron, I suspect the OP is either a very ignorant ****, or a wind up merchant.

    Looking back at it's last posts, it's got a bad back and wants to go Cdo and have the ******* moon on a stick.

    It hasn't listened to any advice that us lesser people give, but hey ho - what do we know?

    It dissed Bigbird. How very dare it. There are people on here who try their best to help, and it sometimes just gets smashed back in your face.

    Call me - yah?
  10. OK YAH

    You might get a UNKNOWN number call you tomorrow...dont answer it.
  11. Sorry if I caused offence, none intended. All your help is very much appreciated and taken on board. Sorry if I act impatiently sometimes, I like to clear things up and move on quickly, I meant no offence and yes can be ignorant sometimes on web as I scan read (once again my impatient trait)

  12. Was that you today, you tramp?

    I seriously am getting tired of people coming on here asking questions and not taking the advice we give. I think between the people on here who do actually give good advice (whilst not ripping each other new arrseholes) there is about 5000 years experience, and it is soul destroying when they don't ******* listen.

    I know who invented experience.
  13. I've taken the advice and am thankful, I'm just trying to get myself sorted, so thanks again
  14. No not me today......must of been THEM.

    Was it Tropper who invented Experience????
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