Her Majestys Armed Forces Soldier Application Form!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by redblitz, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. AFCO Form 4 TRHJ Army Soldier Jan 09

    Chaps, i've searched to no avail.

    I've made a balls up on my form, and wondered if there is a blank copy anywhere that i can download to start again?

    Can't find owt on the Army site either, and wanted to hand it in tonight!

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Just go along and fill it out again. They will have stacks.

  3. Ta MSR.

    BUT i wanted to "Be prepared, be the best" :)

    FFS, i'm gonna have to do that anyroad!
  4. msr

    msr LE

    You won't be the first, and I'll wager you won't be the last.
  5. Agreed, looking at the state of some of the drongos about! 8)
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  6. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Because I'm nice, I've had a quick look on ArmyNet for you but no joy. So you're stuck with msr's solution I'm afraid :D
  7. Cheers anyway Sixty.

    Might keep me out of PT while i do it eh :)
  8. Had a quick look. The closest I could find was September 2008 - maybe it has no differences in the questions, and just got updated as part of a standing review, or they made one box smaller and another larger &c.
    http://www.army.mod.uk/documents/general/AFCO_Form.doc . Hope this helps.

    The mod search engine is very efficient, and threw up over 3,000 matches http://www.armysearch.mod.uk/query.html?charset=iso-8859-1&ws=0&ql=a&style=test2&dt=in&inthe=31536000&qm=1&rf=1&op0=&op1=%2B&op2=-&fl1=&fl0=&fl2=&tx2=+&tx1=+&ty0=w&ty1=w&ty2=w&tx0=form+4&st=1. They obviously want people to go into the recruitment offices, hence no easy access to the forms.
  9. You need to come into one of our London offices mate, the last one mentioned is out of date :)

    But the TAC you are applying through should hold them anyway ;)
  10. Has anyone got a digital copy of this yet please? Mine is too faint to see wording
  11. There are copies of the AFCO 4 floating around online (Army site for instance), however they're all out of date. The most up to date AFCO4s are as follows;

    AFCO Form 4 Army Soldier Mar 11
    Available on TRHJ only. Reg and TA Soldier.

    Officer Application (AFCO 4 Offr)
    AFCO Form 4 Army Officer Mar 11
    Available on TRHJ only. Reg and TA Officer.

    Note they are only available from TRHJ now, hard copies are no longer stocked and as I mentioned before the ones on civvy web are out of date. You can get copies of the AIF/AOIF forms form the web though, which are basically a smaller version of an AFCO4.

    If you really want a new AFCO 4, drop into your unit (ie the one you're trying to join) and ask them to print you another one from THRJ.
  12. Tippex.

    Or if you want to be smart arsed about it then fill all handwritten form/reports etc with a fountain pen and make sure you have a "tinten killer" with you for any small errors.

    Saved me any number of extras when handing in guard reports and the like.

    Or do you complete such things online via your smartphone now?
  13. I've got one - PM me an email address and I'll send it to you today.
  14. AFCO just emailed me one, will stick it on here later when I get to a PC

    Cheers for the help guys
  15. Tut, if you wanted to be prepared and the best, you would used you initiative and made a new one up in word.