Her Majesty The Queen.

Happy birthday ma'am (as in jam) now any chance of abdicating so I can have a new medal. Two different monarchs on my (not insignificant rack) will add a couple of grand to the total when I come to sell them :)
im having a party on my veranda and at 12 sharp will be broadcasting the national anthem to the village...happy birthday lizzy!

after joining arrse i can no longer say balcony
I have to nip down to our ex-pat supply shop and buy another bottle of something Scottish this arvo. Someone gave me a bottle of 100 Pipers last week and there are only two or three Pipers left.

After that and this evening I shall toast Her Majesty, hopefully with something called single malt. I'll have to see what they have in the shop.

Happy Birthday Ma'am.

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