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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by sonofgreenfinch, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. I've looked, but can't see, for a thread on BBC 1's Monday night programme - last of the 3 on the working monarchy.

    There was a yuck bit where our PM (can't lie straight in bed etc) was filmed having an audience with her, actually in his Treasury days.

    He came over as particularly creepy (much unctuousness about "supporting our armed forces" and "what a brave young man Harry is" etc).

    The best bit however was when HM met the (I think) CO of 2nd Battalion Royal Welsh Regiment, who said his lot were preparing for a 3rd tour to Iraq, but some weren't keen as they were suffering 'Iraq-fatigue' and would prefer Afghanistan.

    Without missing a beat, the Head of our Armed Forces said "yes, a different sort of sand I suppose".

    Print doesn't do justice; on screen, it was brilliant !
  2. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Agree wholeheartedly.....great sense of humour and you can see it in her face that she means it.

    I'm glad the BBC decided to show it after all the stuff in the news, great series.

  3. Good old Lizzie.
    She should do stand up. Can you imagine it.......An Audience with Mrs Her Majesty.
  4. Dear Moderator,

    apologies for being a plonker and starting this in Military History etc, when it should probably be in Current Affairs.

    Didn't realise till it was done, and don't know how to effect a transfer.

  5. On the same programme was Gen Sir Mike Willcocks, who was my platoon commander at RMAS and is now the Black Rod. He looked thoroughly disreputable as usual in a pair of brothel creepers. :)
  6. Excellent series, but what about the Ambassadors wife, what a space cadet she was, hyper or what
  7. I thought she was as mad as a hatter. :)
  8. My thoughts as well, she was a very odd person!

    Great programme, sadly missed the other two programmes. Thought in this day and age, where more and more people seem to find the concept of our royal family outdated, that it did much for them and there status.

    Half expected (hoped) that, as the Blairs left Balmoral, it would snap to the Queen waving them off but muttering, "Bunch of wankers..." :D
  9. "Half expected (hoped) that, as the Blairs left Balmoral, it would snap to the Queen waving them off but muttering, "Bunch of *******..." "
    Would loved to have heard Phil the Greek comments when they went
  10. I have been following the series and have found it quite interesting.Howver, you kept hearing about checks, double checks, rechecking etc to ensure it all went smoothly.

    Did anyone else notice the the union flags at the dockyard were all upside down. It is bad enough for the Foreign Office to miss this pearler but the "Senior Service"!!!!!!!?????

  11. Agree, she's barking mad. She most definitely needed something to calm her down. Classic when she stood up at the dinner and crash went her chair behind her!

    On Gordon Brown speaking to her as then Chancellor - I couldn't believe how smarmy he was. What a creep!
  12. Yes, upside down flags all over the place, very worrying! :D
  13. That's a distress signal. If you were in the RN just now with promotion bans, more frigates being axed and other funding cuts, wouldn't you be flying a distress signal?
  14. The trouble is that she's in a position (being the Ambassador's missus) to give the host nation the impression that all Brit wives are howling muppets. It was cringeable (if there's such a word!)

  15. I'm glad I wasn't the only one recoiling from that scene - Her Majesty kept her eyes firmly fixed on him though, and although she kept a smile on her face as he was speaking, it did seem a little tight and rather disbelieving. It's rather sad that the days of "Off with his head!" are long gone...